Arkansas Land for Sale


Arkansas…home to William Jefferson Clinton, Walmart, and...and...and? Well, Arkansas may have had a low profile in the past but its future is trending upwards. The economy of the state has been bullish through the challenges of the Great Recession and The Wall Street Journal ranks the capital city of Little Rock as having the sixth best real estate market in America.

Arkansas began calling itself The Natural State in the 1970s to lure tourists to its Ouachita Mountains, 52 state parks and seven National Park Service properties. Today those visitors are looking to stay, seeking out land in the country's fifth lowest state for cost of living. At the same time it ranks in the Top 20 for doing business.

While the real estate market heats up around Little Rock, large swaths of rural land, some parcels counting thousands of acres, are available across Arkansas. Hunters can chase deer, turkey and bear in the woodlands that stretch across the mountainous northwest region of the state. The rice fields along the Mississippi River, that defines Arkansas' eastern border, have earned the town of Stuttgart the reputation as the "duck hunting capital of the world."

Arkansas property has attracted the attention of outsiders since 1832 when Hot Springs was the first land acquired by the federal government to be preserved and protected. Garland County, where Hot Springs is located in central Arkansas, remains one of the best places to look for land buys almost two hundred years later. It is rivaled in popularity by land seekers only by Benton County in the heart of the Ozark Mountains where Sam Walton started a retailing revolution in 1945.