Kentucky Land for Sale


Not only does Kentucky have some of America's most attractive land above ground it has spectacular property below ground as well. The state is laced with limestone caves and the Mammoth Cave system is the longest in the world. Property with explored and unexplored underground passageways still comes on the market in Kentucky and there are even courses taught in Cave Management at Western Kentucky University for nascent spelunkers.

Chances are if you are seeking land in Kentucky you have water on the brain. There are more navigable waterways and streams in Kentucky than any other state and you will find the two largest man-made lakes east of the Mississippi River here as well. Whether it is for boating, bird hunting or planting crops, water is likely to be a part of rural land purchases in Kentucky. And of course that pure spring water filtered through limestone is what makes distilled Kentucky bourbon world famous.

The horse farms in the Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky are rightfully fabled for their beauty and they occasionally appear on the market as well - usually with a ten-figure price tag waving from the front gate. The regal landscape skews the average property values in the state, which are affordable in the Appalachian Mountains of the Cumberland Plateau to the east and the Mississippi Plateau to the south and west.

For those who like their land on the quirky side, consider buying north of the Ohio River. While the mighty Ohio creates the northern border of Kentucky the state boundaries are set by the historical course of the river as it flowed in 1792. As the Ohio has shifted through the decades it has left parts of Kentucky, including a racetrack, stranded on the Indiana side of the river.