Tennessee Land for Sale


Many states carve their lands into regions for tourism marketing purposes but Tennessee has legally segmented itself into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. Each is almost its own mini-state culturally and economically and affordable rural land is seldom more than an hour's drive from a dominant city.

East Tennessee is cloaked in the Appalachian Mountains, rising to a high point at 6,643 feet on Clingmans Dome. Here is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which greets nine million visitors a year, by far the nation's busiest. Gatlinburg, the gateway to the park, is stuffed with amusement parks and tourist attractions and home to the only ski resort in the Volunteer State. The old railroad town of Chattanooga and the university town of Knoxville anchor this region.

Middle Tennessee is centrally located not only to the rest of the state but much of the United States. Half the American population lives within 600 miles of Nashville, in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Music City is convenient to most of the state's prime farming country and rich hunting grounds. Tennessee supports over 82,000 farm properties, most raising beef cattle.

The coastal plains take over in West Tennessee, where the lowlands roll towards the Mississippi River and Memphis rules the culture. Most of the swamps and timberland here were cleared for cotton fields two centuries ago. Today the old till land has been divided and sold enough times that the undeveloped parcels are mostly suitable only as building lots.

Water is a common feature of Tennessee land, above and below ground. There are more identified caves, almost 10,000, in the Volunteer State than any other in the country. The Lost Sea, part of the historic Craigshead Cavern system in East Tennessee, is America's largest underwater lake.