3 Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your For-Sale Land

    by Kevin May

    Social media has made it easier than ever to market your for-sale land and get more eyes on your property. If you have land to sell, you can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the word, reach more potential buyers, and build traffic to your listing. All it takes is a little bit of social media savviness and a commitment to doing it right. Here are three tips for effectively using social media to market land.

    1. Share a video

    Video is one of the most effective social media tools when it comes to land sales. Not only does it tend to command more attention than images, it’s also particularly useful for showing off the scope of your property and some of its best features. Use a drone to take an eye-catching video of your land (if you don’t have a drone or aren’t familiar with how to use one, you can hire a professional to do it for you), and shoot video of your land that exemplifies its most impressive assets. If you can, try to shoot your video at the “golden hour”—the period right after sunrise or right before sunset when the sun is perfectly positioned for awe-inspiring shots.

    2. Create a link-worthy listing

    Your primary goal with using social media to market your land is to drive traffic to your listing. But a successful clickthrough doesn’t count for much if it goes to a lackluster landing page. You need to continue your efforts through to the listing with additional photographs and videos of your property as well as a thoroughly detailed description of the land and what is has to offer. Since your social media posting will likely be seen not just by your own connections but by many of their connections as well, be clear in your listing about how people can contact you for further information.

    3. Experiment with a paid promotion

    Social media sites offer the ability to pay for increased reach. If you go this route, in addition to showing your post to your own friends and followers you’ll also be able to reach a larger audience that you can target specifically for those who might be interested in learning more about your for-sale land. Choose to target keywords like “real estate” and “land,” and narrow down the demographic parameters to people within the same state as your property. The more you spend the more people you can reach with a paid promotion, so choose a budget that makes the most sense in terms of your goals and how much you’re comfortable paying.

    Using social media to market land is a smart way to take your listing further and get it in front of the right buyer. When used in conjunction with other digital and print marketing tools, it makes for an efficient and well-rounded marketing plan. If you don’t have success on one platform, try another. The more you can diversify your social media efforts, the more likely you’ll be to find who you’re looking for.

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