5 Great Tiny Home Kits

    by Caroline Kirby

    The tiny house movement has grown in popularity throughout the years for good reason: it provides people with a simpler, more cost efficient, and most importantly, the chance to downsize and live a more fulfilled life. Many make the switch to tiny homes to avoid debt or ridiculously high mortgage rates; whatever your reason may be taking on a tiny home may be a great solution.

    In recent years  it’s become more popular to actually build your own tiny home. Thanks to manufacturers rolling out prefabricated tiny homes and materials across the country it’s never been easier to build your own tiny home.

    Here are just a few of our favorite reasons for living the tiny home life: less maintenance, little to no debt, reduced carbon footprint, the ability to pick up and move, and more self-sufficiency. Still not sold on the idea of living in a tiny home? Check out these stats.

    Tiny Home Statistics

    • The average price is $23,000.
    • More environmentally friendly as they use less electricity, water, and require less power to heat and cool.
    • 68% of tiny home owners do NOT have a mortgage.
    • 89% of tiny home owners have LESS credit card debt than the average home owner.
    • 40% of tiny home owners are over 50 years old.

    It’s hard to say how many tiny homes are currently in the U.S., but the best resource we’ve found is this Tiny House Map. Add your own home to the map or find other tiny homeowners in your area!

    Whether you’re using a tiny home as your main residence, a home office, or even an Airbnb rental, here are all the things you need to know to do it right. You can build a high-quality micro home while saving yourself time and money, the best way to do this is through a tiny home kit.

    These kits are a simple and affordable DIY approach for those that love a hands-on experience and are first-time builders; you’ll get all the plans and materials necessary and can start building your tiny home dream!

    Our Favorite DIY Tiny Home Kits

    The Roving

    This 154 square foot rustic home is perfect for those on the go! Its situated on a custom steel trailer and is completely prepared to handle all weather elements. If you’re looking to go green then you’ll be pleased to know that this home has LED lighting, cork flooring, and a composting toilet. You can purchase the kit here from 84 Lumber’s Tiny Living for just under $7,000.

    Arched Cabins

    This company offers amazing cabins in a wide variety of sizes and prices, with kits starting at just over $1,000 and staying below $20,000 they have something for everyone. Looking for a hunting lodge, one bedroom, or a family cabin? They have it all. Check out the different options here. One of the reasons we love these is because the kits give you a shell, the interior is completely customizable and gives you the chance to really make the home your own.

    Tiny Heirloom

    We love this option for a newcomer to the tiny home movement. When you purchase one of these shells you’re given a lot of opportunity for creativity. You can choose from different sizes, roof styles, and a loft starting at $15,000. You also have the option to purchase exterior finishing as well.

    Writers Haven

    This cozy cabin starts at $7,958 and hosts a full-sized loft to give you more space.  When purchased, your kit will be set and leveled by the delivery crew and offers upgrades such as flower boxes, a wood stove, and even a solar package.

    Allwood Arlanda Garden House

    An excellent alternative to the rustic cabins, this garden house offers a more urban feel and is made from Nordic wood. The cabin kit includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials and can be installed on rooftops if you’re looking to live high above the city streets. The only catch? Sticking true to the growing trend, there is no bathroom. But to have a home for under $8,000 you may find some creative solutions.

    Did you find a tiny home kit you liked? The next step will be finding a place to put it. You can browse LandHub’s extensive list of properties here! We’ve made it easy by sorting our properties by category, location, and even price.

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