5 Impressive Hunting Properties You Should Be Looking At

    by Caroline Kirby

    There comes a point in every hunter’s life where hunting other people’s land or even public property gets old. If you’re an avid hunter and practice year after year, investing in a piece of hunting land may be a great idea.

    Buying your own hunting land gives you a lot of freedom; the freedom to manage the land as you please and monitor who can use the land. In addition to the freedom of hunting season planning, you can even enjoy your land in the off-season through camping, hiking, and family excursions.

    Before diving into some of our favorite properties We want to point out three important aspects you should consider before purchasing any property for hunting.

    • Land: This is simple. You’ll want to find a property that’s far enough out of the city, but not so far that traveling becomes a hassle. Trips less than 3 hours are ideal as your travel costs will remain low and allow you to enjoy your land often. Another aspect to consider is the proximity to a hotel or motel in case of a long hunting day or weekend where you’d like a place nearby to rest.
    • Food: What kinds of trees and plants are on the property? Familiarize yourself with the diet of the different animals you plan to hunt. Apart from the native plants what other food sources are there? Is there good space to add in your own food plot? What’s the point of getting land if there aren’t viable food sources for the animal you intend to hunt.
    • Neighboring Property: Introduce yourself to property neighbors or ask the seller beforehand about the neighbors’ habits, if they hunt, and what do they hunt with (perhaps bow and rifle?). Is there public land nearby? Consider each of these aspects and how the answers would affect your own hunting.

    Check Out These Great Hunting Properties!

    Today we want to highlight five properties that fit specific needs (acreage and price) of many buyers. Read on to see our recommendations or take a look at our nearly 100 listings and set your own preferences here!

    1. Brownsville, Kentucky

    This picturesque 36-acre property would be ideal as a hunter’s retreat, as a home-site or a small farm. The open acreage has recently been used for corn and beans. Utilities are available at the road. Live 10 miles from Brownsville, KY and 20 minutes from Nolin Lake. Have the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Crops are leased for 2018-2019. Find more information and the listing here!

    1. Sierra Blanca, Texas

    153 acres of amazing hunting land with over one mile of road frontage.  Priced at $98,800 with $0 Down and $895 per/mo.  Major corner location with double road access.  Ideal for hunting/recreational, log cabin, R/V or hold for investment.  See photos and learn more about owner financing on the listing here.

    1. Clements, Kansas

    An excellent choice for someone looking to find a good deal at an auction! This property is home to 636+ acres in the heart of the scenic Flint Hills of Chase County, Kansas.  Rolling hills, pasture, and nearly 2 miles of Coyne Creek running through the center of the ranch. Take a look at the photos and auction information here.

    1. Luverne, Alabama

    Described as the “sportsman’s paradise” you’ll get 80 acres of creeks, mature timber, and plenty of space to build a cabin or park an RV for $144,000. A great area for those interested in large whitetail deer and turkeys and 25-year old pine trees. Get more details and photos by clicking on this link.

    1. Lewistown, Montana

    Wing Ranch was made for bird enthusiasts. These 1249 acres house various trees (over 30,000 planted in the last decade) that attract many types of birds. There are Russian olive trees that act as a sanctuary for many birds while the wetlands bring in many ducks and Canadian geese. The property is listed at $2,500,000 and will bring in a financial return for the owner through the alfalfa fields. See photos of the property, including the two ranch houses, by clicking on the listing.

    On LandHub we host thousands of properties, today we sought to highlight five great hunting properties, but we have properties of all types! Search our properties page or list your own property today.

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