7 Tips to Improve Your Land Listing Photos

    by Caroline Kirby

    First impressions are everything, and if you’re trying to appeal to buyers online it couldn’t be truer. Today more than 80% of land buyers are looking online and while you may have a fair price and stellar description, if you have poor photos most people will just move on to the next link.

    In this post we’re going to go through tips for making sure your property photos are high-quality enough to catch the attention of potential buyers. Why do the photos matter? Selling land is much more different than selling a house, a car, or pretty much any object—when selling land, you’re also selling the view and the idea of experiences to be had. Essentially you want photos that are so good buyers can imagine themselves on that property.

    Making your first impression count doesn’t mean you need to drop cash on a fancy camera or even hire a photographer, if you’re looking to sell fast and do it DIY our tips will be essential to your process.

    Crucial Tips for Photographing Land

    1. Use the Right Equipment: While your latest smart phone may take great pictures of your kids at soccer practice it’s not exactly going to get the job done here. You don’t need an expensive camera but rather the right equipment. Look for wide angle lenses, high-quality cameras like SLR, and a tripod to avoid blurriness caused by shaking.
    2. Choose the Best Time of Day: Sunsets are beautiful, but they’ll make your job that much harder. Aim to get pictures in the daylight and then you can sprinkle in a few dusk photos for another look.
    1. Clean Up: Go around the area you want to shoot and pick up beforehand. De-clutter, brush any debris to the side, and definitely make sure there isn’t any trash. Besides trash you also want to check for distractions. Do you see any animals, large branches, or people walking by? Taking the time to do your due diligence can ensure a great photo.
    1. Shoot Landscape Format: Online consumers prefer images that are wider than higher thanks to computer screens favoring larger horizontal shots. Be sure most of your pictures, especially the best ones, are taken horizontally.
    1. Emphasize Natural Features: Unlike real estate photos of houses, there is no house to make the focal point. Instead choose your land’s best features (maybe a water element, beautiful landscaping, trees, etc.) and highlight that.
    1. Aerial Images: Nowadays it seems like everyone has a drone. It’s in your best interest to utilize aerial shots of your property to show perspective and give potential buyers a birds-eye view. Visual descriptions will go a long way in captivating buyers’ attention.
    1. Include Area Maps: While not totally necessary, adding in photos of local maps, satellite images, or a map of the neighborhood can be really helpful. Although it’s not expected from buyers it will be appreciated.

    Sell Your Land FAST

    Keeping these tips in mind when preparing your listing will help you sell. Good quality photos will attract buyers, increase online traffic to listings, and could help secure a higher selling price. Show buyers just how valuable your land really is!

    If you’re ready to post your listings check out our plans here. Looking to buy? We have hundreds of properties across the country! Take a look at our site for more information on buying and selling property and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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