What Good Can Come Out of The Hurricane Harvey and the Hurricane Irma Tragedies?

    by Bella Scotton

    With the amount of media coverage that both these hurricanes received regarding the devastation that they created this summer of 2017, many around the world were well aware of it. For those that had been thinking about moving to Texas or Florida or any of the other locations this terrible event affected, may be making them think twice. However, there may be some good that has come out of this.

    Brings Awareness of Better Re-Builds

    The major impact that Harvey had on Houston will surely send government officials to the table to intently work on using re-build materials in the city’s infrastructure to strengthen it for the future. There are opportunities for the city planning officials to scrutinize what other countries are doing to protect themselves from acts of nature like flooding or hurricanes. One example is taking a look at China’s research into semi-permeable pavement.

    Some of the officials are talking about no matter what new regulations might be put in place the officials at the local levels could create partnerships that would create new green spaces that would work well in capturing large amounts of water.

    New Initiatives After Super Storm Sandy

    There were some things that were learned from previous life altering storms that hit Texas in the past. After Super Storm Sandy new initiatives were followed through in many of the communities to help them prepare for future disasters, but still not enough as yet as been done.

    Lessons Learned After Hurricane Katrina

    Some homeowners no matter whether they were doing a re-build after a disaster such as this or just upgrading their home, did implement some extra security measures. A good example of this is looking back at one home that was the only home left standing after Hurricane Katrina. They had taken extra steps to help protect them against such acts of nature like Katrina. They elevated their home above flood level.

    The Right Designs and Right Material

    There have been studies conducted to show that even the design of the roof of the home and using certain types of construction methods and materials can be most beneficial in helping to mitigate much of the damage that a hurricane or flood can produce.

    Texas is a beautiful State to live in and the fears of what has happened as a result of Harvey should not over ride one’s desire to live here. Taking a positive position that the officials of Texas will scrutinize the weaknesses of the infrastructure and will take the right steps to correct these, is something that those thinking of buying in Texas should follow.

    Building and Upgrading with Protection

    Once one feels comfortable about moving to Texas, careful thought when doing any upgrades to the home should be done. Always keeping in mind that there is a possibility for future disasters to strike, not just in Texas, but anywhere is something that should always be considered. Planning the upgrades so that they withstand perils such as wind, rain, and flooding will automatically scale up the level of protection for the home.

    It should be kept in mind that almost any State or region has its own potential perils to it that must be thought about when it comes to any home build or renovation. Some States and regions are more prone to forest fires. This means taking a totally different approach for protection.

    By studying all of the valuable information that organizations like FEMA put out to help homeowners protect themselves it means being more aware and taking your own steps to protect yourself. By doing this you are not limiting yourself to areas where you may wish to move to. If everyone adopted the idea of only moving to areas where it was deemed that there were no perils to deal with the real estate available would be extremely limited and at a cost that most could not afford.


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