The Best and Worst Florida Counties for Property Tax Rates

    by Laura Mueller

    Browsing land for sale in Florida? In addition to considering things like land size, usage capabilities, and zoning regulations, you’ll also want to take into account property tax rates. Florida ranks 18th out of the 50 states in terms of property taxes as a percentage of median income, and on average, Florida property owners pay 0.97 percent of their property’s assessed market value in property taxes every year. The national average is 1.15 percent.

    Still, where you buy your land matters. If you’re trying to keep costs down when buying land in Florida, you’ll want to pay close attention to where you purchase (and stay out of Miami). Here are the best—and worst—Florida counties when it comes to property tax rates.


    Dixie County. Median property tax rate: $503/year. Dixie County is located along the coast in the northwest part of Florida. You’ll find thousands of acres of land for sale in the county limits, including home sites, game preserves, farmland, and water-adjacent properties in towns like Cross City, Horseshoe Beach, and Old Town.

    Holmes County. Median property tax rate: $555/year. Holmes County is right on the Florida/Alabama border, so you won’t find beachfront property here. What you will find though is plenty of open space for horses and farming in towns that include Bonifay and Ponce de Leon.

    Jackson County. Median property tax rate: $630/year. Jackson County is another county up there by Alabama, but what it lacks in ocean it makes up for with beautiful Lake Seminole, a hotspot for kayaking, diving, and ecotourism. Search Jackson County, FL land for sale and you’ll find plenty of options—some as large as 8,000+ acres. Cities in Jackson County include Graceville and Marianna.


    Miami-Dade County. Median property tax rate: $2,756/year. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the home of Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne has the highest median property tax rate in Florida. With a population of 2,751,796 as of the 2010 census and an extensive coastline, Miami-Dade is a coveted place to live—and expensive. There’s still plenty of land available though, particularly for developers and those looking to build their dream home.

    St. Johns County. Median property tax rate: $2,702/year. This county on the northeast coast is home to St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, and the second highest property tax rates in the state. But if you’re willing to pay that much, you’ll find lots of green land for farming, ranching, and building.

    Palm Beach County. Median property tax rate: $2,679/year. Not far north from Miami you’ll find the slightly more reasonable Palm Beach County, with cities like West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. From vacant commercial lots to lush land in equestrian communities, there’s a ton to choose from, but you’ll spend a lot more than equivalent lots in other counties.

    Florida property tax rates are certainly higher in some counties than others, but compared to other states you can get a pretty good deal. Search Florida land for sale today and find your perfect plot.

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