3 Tips for Buying Land in Maine

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by Laura Mueller

Serene coastlines. Juicy lobster. Breathtaking state and national parks. Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy land in Maine, there are a lot of benefits to setting down roots in the Pine Tree State. This is especially true for those looking to purchase agricultural land, since at an average of $2,200 an acre Maine offers the least expensive farm land in the east.

For such a small state, Maine land offers quite a bit of variance in terms of what you’re going to spend and what you’re going to get. So whether you’re currently a Maine resident or you’re interested in moving to or investing in Maine land, read on for the three tips you’ll definitely want to know to as you being the purchasing process.

1. Narrow down exactly what type of land you’re looking for

Maine has it all: coastal land, farm land, timber land, commercial land, recreational land…. And so many options mean that you’re going to want to have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for beyond just the basics.

Start by narrowing down your location—suburban vs. rural, coastland vs. inland, and so on. Then look to see what’s available that also suits your needs. As you start to narrow down what you’re looking for and what’s out on the market, you’ll have a much easier time honing in on what your best fit is.

2. Work with a local agent

Nobody knows an area quite like the agents who specialize there. If you’re buying land in Maine from out of state, be sure to employ the services of a local agent, since you’ll want an expert on your side as you navigate the market.

Always communicate clearly what your preferences are, as well as what your plans are for the land that you want to buy. Your agent will be able to get you all of the information that you need on land uses and zoning restrictions. And because they’re already engaged in the local market, they’ll also get a heads up on available or soon-to-be available properties before they go on to mainstream marketing platforms.

3. Always visit the land before you buy

This may seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people buy land sight unseen. In Maine though, where the terrain and the weather can vary greatly depending on where you purchase, it’s always a good idea to set foot on a property yourself before signing on the dotted line. You may find that a parcel that seemed perfect for you is actually not very accessible from the road, or that a plot of land you were going to overlook is surprisingly well-suited to your needs.

You’ll never know unless you go, so work with your agents to compile a list of potential properties and make sure to visit each of them before making your final decision.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be able to get your basics covered so that you can really dig into the details of buying land. You know, the important stuff: like how you’re going to finance your purchase and where the closest place is to get some mouthwatering Maine crayfish.

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