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How to Maintain a Vacation Home

how to maintain a vacation home

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Published date:

July 01, 2022

Last updated date:

July 01, 2022

By Manny Manriquez

With the summer season in full swing, it can be easy to find yourself daydreaming of purchasing a vacation home; whether for sentimental or investment reasons, it's fun to think about. Once the excitement wears off a bit and it's time to start thinking about the logistical side of purchasing a vacation home, you may find yourself wondering, "how can I maintain my vacation home?" If you're on the fence about buying a vacation home because of this factor, here's what you need to know.

Maintaining Your Vacation Home From Afar

Keeping tabs on your home and ensuring it's kept up to the highest standards is easier than ever before, no matter how many miles away you may be. Here are the top considerations and tools to maintain your vacation property.
  1. Enlist a trusted helper: Whether this is a neighbor you trust or you hire a property manager or cleaning service, you can have someone regularly check-in and clean up the space. This will ensure everything is in order for you or potential renters. Pro-tip: Don't leave a spare key around the outside; instead, leave an extra key with a reliable neighbor.
  2. Utilize technology: In these digital times, it's likely that you have many of these devices in your own home, so why not install security cameras and monitors around your vacation property? Installing motion sensor security systems can help add an extra layer of protection while you're away. You may also consider getting changeable locks that allow you to reprogram the keycode periodically, especially if you rent your space out.
  3. Create an owner's closet: This is important if you're going to have people coming in and out of your property without you there - whether it's seasonal renters, property managers, or loved ones. Safeguard a closet (or even a room) with a special lock where you can tuck away personal belongings and sentimental items. Pro-tip: If you keep important documents here, make sure you store them in a waterproof bag in the event of an emergency like flooding.
  4. Don't let the house look empty: A vacant home is basically an invitation for burglars, who most often look for the easiest target. Making sure mail, newspapers, deliveries, etc., don't pile up is a great first step to making sure your vacation home doesn't look empty. Cleaning gutters and keeping the landscaping sharp are also good practices. Pro-tip: Install smart lightbulbs inside your home that you can control remotely. You can frequently turn these off and on so that your home doesn't look unlived in from the outside.
  5. Get to know the area: Whether you're going to be spending time at your property or purely renting it out, it's a good idea to establish connections. Get to know your neighbors, local restaurants, and activities, and network with handymen or cleaning services that you can turn to for help in maintaining your property.
  6. Register for police checks: If your vacation property is in the U.S., see if the town offers vacation home checks. Many towns have programs where police officers or registered volunteers will periodically review the perimeter of your home while you're away.
Vacation homes can be incredible investments and hold important sentimental value; make sure your property is secure and in good condition while away with the tips above. Look through Land Hub's current listings if you're interested in purchasing a vacation home. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link to your site:

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