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New Home Buyer? Which State Should You Buy In?

new home buyer? which state should you buy in?

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Published date:

May 17, 2018

Last updated date:

April 25, 2024

By Manny Manriquez

An individual home buyer or couple looking to establish roots somewhere are often flexible when it comes to location. For them, they have the golden opportunity of choosing which state appeals to them the most. Once the decision to move is made it now comes with a challenge as to which state is the best for living in. This is most important for first time home buyers. Those that are renting are not required to make the same commitments that property buyers do.

Setting the Metrics

One state may be great for one person, but it may not be ideal for another. This is because everyone has their own needs. Some may have a desire to move to a state that is going to be able to meet their employment needs. Others want a state that is well recognized for raising a family. Then there are others who are in retirement. They want a state that is going to meet the needs of their golden years.

How About Nebraska?

For those that are looking for a place where buying a first-time home is going to be affordable then Nebraska is worth considering. It is estimated that here about 13.9% of an individual's income will go towards their house payments. Also, for those looking for home financing Nebraska may not be as stringent with lending money for a home purchase.

Success Story:

This success story is not so much about living in the state of Nebraska itself but working here. This is a feel-good story about a company here who encourages wellness among their employees. It can act as an example of what the business environment in general is like, as all it takes is one company to pave the way.

Is Vermont a Good Choice?

For those who are classed as young adults, they will find that there should be a good job market here. Another plus about this state is there are good choices of homes. They vary in size and price so first-time home buyers there are some great choices.

Success Story:

There are some people that want to live in a state that takes their health care seriously. The concerns may be in one specific area of health. In this success story, it was about looking for a state that was tackling the problems with opioid addictions. It turns out that Vermont is one of those states.

Don't Ignore Wyoming

The statistics for young families who are homeowners are great in the state of Wyoming. There is a good job market and it is a great place for raising a family. At the same time for those who want to enjoy great weather and plenty of things to do as retirees then this may be a good choice.

Success Stories:

Many new home buyers also want business opportunities. For these individuals, they are going to be most pleased with Wyoming as it is a great environment for Entrepreneurs. The best way to do your research concerning the state that you want to buy your first home in is by identifying your wants and needs. But also consider the future. You will most likely want to spend at least a few years in your first home. It is not likely going to be the only home that you ever buy. Based on this you are going to want to think of the future needs of your family. Is the state you are choosing going to be able to meet those needs? Also, you want to give some thought as to the resale value of the home that you may end up purchasing. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:


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