Ohio Land to Keep on Your Radar

by Caroline Kirby

Whether you’re looking to make a move or simply invest in some new land, Ohio should be on your radar of places to look. This Midwestern gem affectionately known as the Buckeye state and the “Mother of Presidents” has a lot to offer. From woodlands exceptional for hunting to fertile farm land there’s something for every type of buyer.

Read on to learn why Ohio is a great place for land investment as well as a short list of some of our newest properties there.

What Ohio Can Offer You

While it may appear small in size, Ohio is actually the 7th most populated state in the U.S. and has three metropolitan areas with over 2 million people (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland) with various other large industrial cities. More than half of America’s potential land buyers are within a comfortable one-day drive of the state.

Here are some other aspects to consider when looking at land in Ohio:

  • Stable Job Market: Ohio’s unemployment rate currently sits around 4% and has been on the decline since 2009 (when it was closer to 11%). Jobs in the medical field (occupational therapist, home health aide, etc.) are steadily growing, meaning if you’re in this field there is ample opportunity.
  • The Community: Native Ohioans claim to be some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The state is also home to the largest population of Amish in North America, with about 70,000 around Ohio. Apart from the potential for great neighbors, you’re also getting access to culture—head to Ohio for your fair share of festivals (food, art, music, you name it!).
  • Low Cost of Living: You can have it all in Ohio, an affordable lifestyle with luxury nearby. The Midwest is known for a lack of pretension, but you’ll be sure you can find everything you need—especially with major metropolitan areas across the state.
  • Incredible Landscapes: Southeastern Ohio is home to the Hocking Hills, a true gem, and tons of state parks and forests (fun fact: there’s over 50 ziplines above caves and cliffs making Hocking Hills  Canopy Tour Capital of the Midwest. Not a fan of forests? Head to the other side of the state for over 300 miles of Lake Erie coastline.

Intrigued yet? Ohio can offer many opportunities, here are a few of LandHub’s top Ohio listings you should consider on your search for land. Browse through the following listings to get an idea of where to start.

  1. 34 Acres gently rolling terrain and tree lined creek in Glenford, OH.
  2. 0.14 Acre buildable lot next to modern homes in Toledo, OH.
  3. Vacant Residential lot for sale in Martins Ferry, OH.

Did you see something you like? You can find all of the current Ohio properties here. Be sure to check back frequently for new postings! Looking to sell your own property, in Ohio or elsewhere? Get more info on LandHub.com’s membership plans here

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