Take Your Listing to the Next Level With Aerial Images

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by Caroline Kirby

You may have an incredible piece of property that is completely unique, but the truth is if your listing is lackluster then you’re just making things harder on yourself. You may think your property is so great it could sell itself, but if your listing doesn’t do it any justice, then you won’t be attracting the attention you need to sell.

Nearly 90% of land buyers are looking online for their next purchase, and you should be taking the right steps to make your listing stand out from the rest. We’ve talked before about how to improve your listing photos, but today we have a new idea!

Using aerial imagery to grab attention and show off your property. Haven’t used a drone or considered using one before? Here’s why you should.

Using Drones to Sell Your Property

Give yourself, and your listing, a competitive edge with some high-quality drone imagery. Here are a few ways that photos from above could help get your listing sold!

  1. Highlight Key Features: Give potential buyers a real look at the land and show off any exciting or notable features. Potential key areas could be timber, rivers/streams, a cabin or hunter’s lodge. If you’re using drone imagery specifically for selling real estate then you could highlight a spacious backyard, a pool, or even impressive landscaping.
  2. Give a Tour: An exciting aspect of using drones is the ability to create a sort of virtual tour for potential buyers. You can program a flight path around the property (even through a home) and offer prospects a better, more intimate look that is likely to draw them in much more than stationary photography.
  3. Grabs Attention: When buyers spend hours looking through slideshows online a high-quality aerial shot accompanied with video is sure to get their attention. If you have a large piece of land or even estate this drone footage automatically offers a more accessible way to tour the property—rather than a couple of hours of walking through the property.
  4. Capture the Essence of the Property: Buyers know that real estate photos are staged and that they’re getting the best look at the property, but when you use drone imagery and video it makes the viewer feel as if it’s a more authentic look at the property and shape their experience before they even set foot on the property.

These four reasons just scratch the surface of how drones could improve your listings, but we think it’s enough to get you thinking. Before we wrap up we would like to touch on two important restrictions to using drones for land listings.

Things to Consider

While not dire, the following two cons of using drones should be taken into account when planning for drone photography.

  • Security Risk: Aerial imagery offers unparalleled opportunities to show off your property, and when viewed by the right people it is innocent, but just as all things on the internet these pictures are available to anyone. You must consider that posting aerial shots of your home and property offer thieves a different perspective of your property and could pose potential security risks.
  • Privacy: Drones have been a touchy issue regarding privacy because when taking aerial shots you can assume that your neighbor’s property will also be in the picture. If you have neighbors, we advise you speak with them beforehand and ask for permission or edit the images by cropping or even blurring out neighboring property.

Sell Your Land

We hope that these tips have opened your eyes to exciting new opportunities for selling your land faster! Good quality photos will attract buyers and by offering a new perspective with aerial imagery you’re likely to get more attention on your listings!

If you’re ready to post your listings check out our plans here. Looking to buy? We have hundreds of properties across the country! Take a look at our site for more information on buying and selling property and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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