Top 6 Smart Phone Apps Every Realtor Needs

by Laura Mueller

The internet has made things a whole lot easier in real estate. Today, apps and other online tools can help realtors do everything from manage their leads to schedule showings, most of them at low or no cost. So what apps should realtors be adding to their toolkits? Here are six that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Dotloop

Think of Dotloop as an all-in-one real estate transaction management resource. The app, which can be used both by individual agents and by multi-member real estate teams, offers a wide range of valuable tools for completing and signing paperwork. It’s even compatible with esignatures, meaning you don’t have to put a deal on hold just because you’re at the beach or your kid’s play.

2. Hotjar

Hotjar isn’t just for real estate, but it offers a wealth of benefits for agents who want to know a little bit more about how their listings are performing. Track key analytics like scroll depths and heat maps, both of which tell you how long people are staying on a certain page and where their focus is drawn. From there, you can determine whether a listing is failing to capture interest, as well as hone in on the property features that are garnering the most excitement.

3. RPR Mobile

The RPR (Realtors Property Resource) mobile app is designed specifically for real estate agents and serves as an on-the-go companion for searching listings, sending reports, and staying ahead of the game in terms of market activity. Created by the National Association of Realtors, the app provides you with big picture, big data insights about wherever you happen to be, with a seamless client connection that lets you send reports and listings right from your phone.

4. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner, available for both Apple and Android phones, turns your cell into a portable scanner. That offer letter? Turn it into a PDF and send it to your office. Changes on a closing doc that the seller needs to approve? Get it to their agent ASAP. In an industry built around quick communication, having a tool where you can instantly turn paper documents into digital ones is a major advantage.  

5. FreshChat

Speaking of quick communication, leads want (and expect) their questions to be answered right away. And it makes sense, considering how fast properties can fly off the market. Meet their needs with FreshChat, a chatbot app that’s available to answer queries 24/7. Choose to set up programmed responses or have chats texted right to your phone. Either way you go, you’ll have a much better chance of nurturing your leads to a point of sale.

6. RoomScan

Once you start using RoomScan, you won’t know how you lived without it. The app lets you build floorplans—accurate dimensions and all—just by touching your phone to the walls of a room (yes, really!). Standard floorplans are free to create, though you’ll need to pay a fee to export your plans as PDFs or to CAD or Metropix.

Use the apps listed above to make your job a whole lot easier. For additional realtor apps that those in the industry swear by, check out Open Home Pro (lead management), Spotio (sales and marketing), and Evernote (note tracker).

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