Why Recreational Land Should Be Your Next Investment

by Caroline Kirby

When it comes to real estate the topic of recreational land can be confusing to some. However, the purpose of recreational land is just as it sounds—to be used for recreational activities, pleasure, and enjoyment rather than for commercial purposes.

From hunting to camping to off-roading there are plenty of activities to practice on your recreational land but before diving into what you can use your recreational land for we’ll go over some reasons why it’s a smart money move.

Why Buy Recreational Land?

Apart from enjoying your own space, purchasing recreational land allows you to put your money in a safe and stable investment, possibly one of the safest investments you could make. In addition, when you purchase land with cabins, quality roads, and access to utilities your value will go up.

A unique investment opportunity as you can actually enjoy it, make upgrades, and many other tangible opportunities you won’t find with other types of investments.

What to Do on Recreational Land

There are a handful of factors that will be helpful in determining if the land you’re looking at is actually worthy as well as defining what your recreational land can be used for.

  • Know you want to camp or build? Check that the land has good access to utilities.
  • Know you love fishing? Look for land with rivers and streams with good opportunities.
  • Know you want to hunt? Check for food sources among other items.

Apart from hunting, fishing, and camping you can also use your recreational land for many other activities like escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoying some privacy with your family and loved ones. Riding horses or recreational vehicles like dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, cutting your own firewood, or doing some birdwatching are also all possible depending on the recreational land you’re looking at.

The Next Step

Now that you know what you can do with your recreational land there are some things you’ll want to assess on each piece of land as these factors could affect your purchasing decision.

  1. Neighbors: Walk around the outskirts of the land and see if your neighbors have a smelly farm, loud music, or even barking dogs. Are any of these deal breakers for you?
  2. Potential for Building: You may choose to build a cabin or even a vacation home later in life, are there good buildable sites?
  3. Poachers: Call the local game warden and ask about past problems with poachers or trespassers, if the former owner had issues you likely will too.

Before making any purchases, you should evaluate your long-term plans and consider the costs of any improvements you wish to make to the land. Remember land will continue to grow in value and gives you the opportunity to make long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

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