Why You Should Buy Land in Arkansas

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by Caroline Kirby

When talking about places to move to, or even visit, Arkansas doesn’t typically rustle up much attention, but we think a lot of people are missing out on opportunities to invest in The Natural State.

Small but mighty, Arkansas is home to the only diamond mine in the U.S., tons of forestland, and the birthplace of major corporations like Walmart, Tyson Foods, and Dillard’s department store. Read on to find out why Arkansas land should be at the top of your list and then get a sneak peek at some of our top properties!

Why You Should Buy Land in Arkansas in 2019

Often forgotten as the “middle child of the South,” Arkansas typically gets overlooked thanks to boisterous Texas and busy Tennessee, the Natural State has its fair share of greatness to offer. Here are a few of the best reasons why you should give Arkansas second thought.

  • The Weather: Do you love experiencing all four seasons? Arkansas gives you just that. You can have your white Christmas, summers on the lake, and enjoy a crisp fall hike every single year.
  • Incredible Landscapes: The Natural State is beautiful! 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers give way to picturesque landscapes no matter which part of the state you’re in, and don’t forget the beauty of the Arkansas Delta!
  • High Quality of Life: Affordable housing and low costs of living make Arkansas a great place to start a family, retire or anything in between. Low crime rates across the state and a healthy job market make AR a great choice.

Is this “middle child” state of the south starting to sound too good to be true? Stick with us, here are some of the many land listings we have for Arkansas!

Land Listings You Should Be Looking at in Arkansas

  1. 70+ acres of timbered pine, amenities for hunters, and 4 acres of wildlife food plots in Southeast Arkansas.
  2. Land with 10-year old pine plantation and more than 120 acres of hardwood with a beautiful creek make this property a great investment with opportunity for recreational use.
  3. 178.35 Acre Hunting & Recreational land in Cherry Valley, AR.
  4. 182 acres in the Ozark Hills with a home, shop and living quarters, pasture, and the perfect place to hunt and/or farm.
  5. Jackson Point Hunting Club Equity Membership in Elaine, AR.
  6. 30 +/- acres Pine Timberland Tract in El Dorado, AR

Keep in mind that the above listings are just a starting point, you can browse all of our Arkansas listings here, or take your search to another state by checking out our convenient property browser here.

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