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How big is Alaska? Bigger than the combined size of the 22 smallest American states. If it was its own country it would be the 19th largest in the world. But less than 1 percent of its 663,268 square miles are privately owned - by far the smallest percentage in the United States. The federal government owns 65% of Alaska and the state and the University of Alaska own over 100 million acres. Another 44 million acres are owned by Native corporations which, although private, cannot be sold.

About half of Alaskans have settled in the South Central part of the state around Anchorage in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and on the Kenai Peninsula. This is where most of the available land can be found, certainly the land with the best access to transportation. Most of the parcels that come on the market are small - less than 200 acres. Land larger than that is often agriculture-restricted.

Those looking to own a slice of "real" Alaska can still find undeveloped homesteads in the wilderness. Access is often limited to rivers or winter trails on these remote, rustic lands. Fairbanks is the only city of substance inside this mostly uninhabited wilderness. Of course no services means no property taxes. Anyone with a hankering for lakefront land in Alaska can usually find some, with or without a cabin on it.

One place to find far-flung Alaska land is through the State which makes land available to the public via sealed-bid auctions and staking of remote recreational cabin sites. These state lands for sale are the real remote buys in The Last Frontier. If you require a road, stick to private sellers.

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