Hawaii Land for Sale

  • 0.25 Acres in Hawaii

    $17,500, 0.25 Acres , Lot 482 Nanawale Estates, Hawaii, Hawaii

    Nanawale Estates Lot 482 1/4 Acre LAND FOR SALE IN HAWAII! Live in Paradise! Beautifu

  • 1 Acres in Hawaii

    $17,500, 1 Acres , Lot 482 Nanawale Estates , Hawaii, Hawaii

    Nanawale Estates Lot 482 1/4 Acre This lush tropical property is just 20 minutes from

  • 1 Acres in Hawaii

    $17,500, 1 Acres , Lot #482 – Ginger Road Nanawale Estates, HI, Hawaii, Hawaii

    Nanawale Estates Lot 482- Ginger Road Pahoa, Hawaii 96778 Electricity LAND FOR SALE

  • 0.25 Acres in Hawaii

    $17,500, 0.25 Acres , Lot #13-4-79-38 – Hibiscus road, Nanawale Estate, Hawaii, Hawaii

    Nanawale Estates, HI Lot #13-4-79-38 – Hibiscus road LUSH LOT – LIVE IN PARADISE –


Grab a map of the United States and take a look - every state has at least one straight edge border except one - Hawaii. This lack of rigid artificial boundaries sets the tone for Hawaii's famous laid-back island lifestyle. Hawaii is actually an archipelago of some 130 volcanic islands although only eight main ones, each with its own nickname, comprise what we commonly know as the 50th State.

More than seven million tourists arrive in Hawaii every year, some with an eye for acquiring a slice of the Paradise State for themselves. In 1898 when the Hawaiian Islands were annexed by the United States most of the developed land was covered in sugar cane fields controlled by an oligarchy of sugar companies referred to as The Big Five. Over the past century Hawaii's great plantations and ranches have been chipped away to provide rural land buying opportunities. In 1996 the last plantation closed.

Hawaii features the fourth most coastline among American states but undeveloped beachfront rarely comes to market. The homes that occupy prime waterside locations help make Hawaii the country's most expensive residential real estate market.

The greatest reservoir of undeveloped land in the Islands is on Hawaii Island, the Big Island, which is larger than all the other islands in the archipelago combined. It is the largest island in the United States. Only two roads penetrate the mountainous interior for access to available undeveloped land, which is predominantly offered in small building lots. Even so, one of America's largest cattle ranches - the 175,000-acre Parker Ranch - spreads across the Big Island.

Back on Oahu, home to Honolulu and where 75% of Hawaiians live, undeveloped land options are more limited. Here your slice of paradise will likely be measured in fractions of acres.