Illinois Land for Sale

  • 0.09 Acres in Illinois

    $24,950, 0.09 Acres , 11404 South Prairie Avenue, Cook, Illinois

    Title:Warranty Deed Listing ID:LC-1712-208022 Parcel Number:25221140510000 Legal Descri

  • 2.5 Acres in Illinois

    $63,500, 2.5 Acres , 12176 Jochum Ln, Pittsburg,IL 62974, Williamson, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1702-065719 Parcel Number:08-03-200-019 Location:12

  • 50 Acres in Illinois

    $248,000, 50 Acres , SANDBURG RD, WEST FRANKFORT, IL 62896, Franklin, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1702-065586 Parcel Number:11-28-300-014 Location:SA

  • 50 Acres in Illinois

    $248,000, 50 Acres , SANDBURG RD, WEST FRANKFORT, IL 62896, Franklin, Illinois

    TITLE Quit Claim Deed Listing ID: LC-1702-065586 Parcel Number: 11-28-300-014 Locati

  • 36 Acres in Illinois

    $185,000, 36 Acres , 1636 AVA RD, Jackson, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1703-069268 Parcel Number:09-20-300-026 Location:16

  • 10 Acres in Illinois

    $299,999, 10 Acres , 4754 N. 1270 E. Road, Vermilion, Illinois

    Beautiful country setting in 10 wooded acres three hours south of Chicago bordering the Ce

  • 0.02 Acres in Illinois

    $394,999, 0.02 Acres , , Peoria, Illinois

    Title:Warranty Deed Listing ID:LC-1607-053214 Parcel Number:Please Call Legal Descripti

  • 0.14 Acres in Illinois

    $5,800, 0.14 Acres , 1405 N GULICK AVE, Macon, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1705-200959 Parcel Number:04-12-10-151-031 Location

  • 20 Acres in Illinois

    $59,000, 20 Acres , 0, Perry, Illinois

    hunting land and also suitable to build a house on. Plenty of trees and areas to build a

  • 20 Acres in Illinois

    $359,900, 20 Acres , 0, Putnam, Illinois

    House with a rental house sep. Resturant, and wooded parcel 19+ ac. Deer and turkey huntin

  • 1.7 Acres in Illinois

    $9,999, 1.7 Acres , S Wabena Ave, Grundy, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1702-065625 Parcel Number:03-12-305-001 Location:S

  • 0.11 Acres in Illinois

    $3,300, 0.11 Acres , SHAWNEE TRL, Williamson, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1706-204069 Parcel Number:05-07-362-009 Location:SH

  • 0.89 Acres in Illinois

    $7,850, 0.89 Acres , Lot 34 PUMP HOUSE RD, Jackson, Illinois

    Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1703-069444 Parcel Number:14-23-177-010 Location:Lo

  • 0.26 Acres in Illinois

    $50,230, 0.26 Acres , 1312 Saint Stephen, Saint Clair, Illinois

    Listing ID:LC-1612-060164 Location:1312 Saint Stephen , Cahokia, 62206 Lot Size:0.26 Acr

  • 0.19 Acres in Illinois

    $37,661, 0.19 Acres , 1222 Richard Dr, Saint Clair, Illinois

    Listing ID:LC-1612-061512 Location:1222 Richard Dr, Cahokia, 62206 Lot Size:0.19 Acres

  • 0.2 Acres in Illinois

    $39,915, 0.2 Acres , 1415 Richard Drive, Saint Clair, Illinois

    Listing ID:LC-1612-060287 Location:1415 Richard Drive, Cahokia, 62206 Lot Size:0.2 Acres


Over the years every celebrity on every television hunting show has made his or her way to the Golden Triangle of Pike, Brown, Adams and Schuyler counties in pursuit of trophy whitetail deer. The Golden Triangle in Central Illinois has become so fabled that non-residents now pay fifteen times as much as residents to experience some of the best deer hunting in America. One way to chase those monster whitetails and beat the high cost is to purchase timberland and hunting farms in the Land of Lincoln.

Not all the prairie land in Illinois is used to harbor whitetail deer and turkey. In recent years new owners have been buying up cropland and planting grapes - in 1997 there were only 12 wineries in the entire state. Today there are nearly 100, enough to spawn Illinois Wine Trails across the state. For those seeking traditional fertile, income-producing acres Illinois is still chock-full of tillable land for wheat and corn. Many come with ponds and parcels range up to hundreds of acres.

Northwestern Illinois, which was not scoured by retreating glaciers in the last Ice Age, features depressions and hillocks that rise to over 1,000 feet. This variable land is used for agriculture, private hunting preserves, horse farms, waterfront property, and vacation retreats. All carry a wide range of price tags.

Still, most of the land sales in Illinois take place in Cook County, home to Chicago. The Windy City so dominates Illinois that everything outside the city is referred to as "downstate" - even towns like Rockford that are geographically north of Chicago. Most of the Cook County undeveloped lands are small building lot parcels; not many hunting tracts hiding here.