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Rhode Island

Not only is Rhode Island America's smallest state but over 15% of its territory is underwater, covered by Narragansett Bay. Although the Ocean State is a diminutive 48 miles long and 37 miles wide it waterfront land totals more than 300 miles thanks to the inlets and lagoons along the fragmented Rhode Island coast.

In the late 1800s wealthy New Yorkers began coming to Newport to escape the suffocating summer heat in the city. The business barons built the most extravagant “cottages” America has ever seen on the rocky bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. No matter how impressive the mansion or how rich the owner, however, no one’s property could extend all the way to the shoreline. By virtue of “Fisherman’s Rights” granted by the Colonial Charter of King Charles II and a provision in the Rhode Island Constitution, the public is always guaranteed the legal right to walk along a small sliver of rocky coast.

Water views remain the gold standard of land for sale in Rhode Island. Although this is the country's second most densely populated state, undeveloped property still finds its way to the market. Much of the terrain away from the sea is layered in rocky hills. The topography resisted incursions from the plow and Rhode Island's economy grew on fishing, shipbuilding and trade. The first mills of the Industrial Revolution were constructed by Samuel Slater on the Blackstone River near Pawtucket.

This uncultivated land is still heavily forested. Arcadia Management Area, one of several in Rhode Island, is the state's largest with 14,000 acres of pines and hardwoods. In addition to managed herds for hunting there are 30 miles of trails for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. For those so inclined, Rhode Island land can be personally explored on foot as the blue-and-white blazed North-South Trail covers 77 miles from the Massachusetts border to the Atlantic Ocean.

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