South Dakota Land for Sale

  • 949 Acres in South Dakota

    $6,644,050, 949 Acres , , Hutchinson, South Dakota


  • 480 Acres in South Dakota

    $2,400,000, 480 Acres , 2290 Grant Road, Todd, South Dakota

    The Todd County Irrigated Organic Farm consists of 480+/- contiguous acres, of which 390+/

  • 1238 Acres in South Dakota

    $5,342,646, 1238 Acres , 2290 Grant Road, Bennett, South Dakota

    The Vetal Organic Farm is a 1,238+/- acre highly productive irrigated farm situated in sou

South Dakota

Imagine the environmental debates that would flame up today if someone wanted to carve 60-foot heads into a granite mountaintop. But in the 1920s South Dakota was anxious to get somebody to pay attention to the state. Early settlers had tagged most of the western part of the state, broken up by eroded buttes, as the "Badlands" because it was impossible to get a wagon train through. After that, no one wanted to come.

Today Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills are one of the leading tourist destinations in America. The badlands have been converted into a national park. Custer State Park has the most famous bison herd in the country. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the largest events of its kind in the world - when half a million attendees show up it increases the number of people in South Dakota by 60%. The 108-mile George S. Mickelson Trail provides a close-up look at the Black Hills from a bike or on foot. Recreational land is in hot demand in Lawrence, Custer and Fall River counties.

The Missouri River, the longest in America, neatly bisects South Dakota from north to south. The land in East River has been converted to cropland and this is where most of the population resides; West River is a land of grassy ranches and the state's natural attractions. For lovers of kitsch, each boasts a famous roadside attraction. East River is home to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, decorated in murals made of cobs. In West River the Wall Drug Store in the prairie town of Wall lures two million visitors a year off the highway with billboards covering a 650-mile stretch from Minnesota to western Montana.

If the state's five million acres don't provide enough fertile hunting ground there is trophy land scattered in all corners of South Dakota. Anglers can find some of the best freshwater fishing in South Dakota's glacial lakes and mountain streams. All told there are more than 1,100 square miles of surface water in the Mount Rushmore State.