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    Land News Ski and Snow Properties

    Who Owns Ski Resorts?

    Who Owns Ski Resorts

    There are over 600 ski resorts across North America with over 100,000 acres of slopes to shred. However, a majority of these resorts are owned by a handful of corporations and holding companies — five to be exact: KSL/Aspen, Vail Resorts, Powdr Corp, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, and EPR Properties. Many of these companies’ reach extends far beyond North America, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the region. read more…

    Facts about Ski and Snow Properties

    Ski properties across the United States can provide various recreational activities from fishing, camping, and hunting to off-roading, hiking, mountain biking, and much more while varying in amenities. Whether it be a ski property within the majestic Park City, Utah or the breathtaking mountains of Vail, Colorado, owning a ski property provides the perfect chance for you to chase your love of the great outdoors. Every plot of land has its own unique set of characteristics and land amenities. Investors of ski properties might even consider using their land to push income-producing opportunities, such as tourism development or setting up the site as an attraction.

    If you’re an avid, regular skier, the thought of owning a piece of the mountain might seem like a good-looking vision. Ski property investments are a large business that holds its value. According to Snow Only, there are several things to consider if you are weighing the pros and cons of investing in a property that is close to a ski resort.

    Wherever in the world, you are looking to invest in ski property, the location is key. The top resorts will, of course, have a property with very high prices. If you want to get ahead of the game look to areas which are up and coming and research them thoroughly to ensure you increase your chances of clinching a coveted chalet and achieving a wise investment

    With such a vast swathe of locations to choose from it is vital to evaluate choice including in-depth research on a range of factors such as local demographics, visitor demographics, property price variations in the area, investment in local infrastructure, snowfall, altitude, and local economy. Most regions will have tourist information suites where the necessary information can be found, and online forums and specialist winter sports publications will give you a holistic overview.

    Recent trends in property investment and visitors to resorts have seen an increase in buyers assessing all manner of running costs and looking at the year-round appeal of locations and properties, so don’t forget to be clued up on how the area compares during off-peak months. If your resort is popular with hikers, bikers and other tourists during the summer months, then it has the much sought after ‘dual seasonality’ which is a huge selling point as you can easily appeal to both holiday-makers and possible buyers.

    If you are renting out to holidaymakers, then you will be able to charge a higher rental charge for a ‘ski on, ski off’ property – meaning a property you can literally ski in and out of. This will cut out travel and transport expenses to and from the resort during the stay.

    LandHub.com is happy to help you find the ski property of your dreams. It’s important to not rush into anything as far as any investment goes. Take time to do the research, ask for advice and look at it from all angles, especially how you wish it to serve you in the long-term.

    Ski Land Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to live your life in a beautiful mountain town? Here is your opportunity to invest in ski property and live your luxurious dream. For most people, ski properties are an unachievable dream. But do not worry, with proper research and guidance, you can end up owning a lavish ski property.

    Is a Ski Property Land a good investment?

    Investing your money in real estate is traditionally a safe investment. With decent returns and safety, many people are attracted to buying properties. Ski properties may be a worthy investment that provides good returns. The skiing industry is in a world of its own. With a surge in the demand for ski properties, it only seems logical to buy a ski property. The ski business is a big one and such properties tend to hold their worth.

    Is location a prime factor in selecting a ski property?

    The location is considered to be the key when buying a ski property/resort. The best resorts in the world are the ones whose property values are the highest. If you want to make a nice profit, look for places that are not yet famous but have the potential to attract tourists in huge numbers. You will, for sure, need to research a lot before you find the perfect place to land your resort. You need to clinch the wisest deal and to do so would require some serious work. If you are thinking of buying a ski property in some other country, then you need to review various factors such as taxes, travel costs, tourism, and many such factors.

    What kind of a ski property should I consider buying?

    There are various options to choose from depending on the amount you are willing to spend. Purpose-built condos are a fantastic option if you are looking for value and convenience. Such condos are generally small but functional. The main advantage is that you can rent them to tourists when you are not around. There are many other options available that one can opt for.

    Should I consider the altitude of ski properties before buying?

    Yes, it is very crucial to know the ins and outs of the property that you wish to purchase. It is important to know the amount of snowfall the place receives before making a purchasing decision. Similarly, knowing the altitude is also essential.

    What is the ideal time to purchase a ski property?

    There seems to have a misconception that the ideal time to buy a property is in the midst of the ski season. However, there are various reasons as to why it is challenging to get a deal. Since most of the properties are rented, the scope to show a prospective buyer the property is limited. On top of this, buyers know that they will not get immediate possession of the property, so they are in no hurry. This leads to wasting of time. It has been noted throughout the time that an intelligent and serious buyer would approach the seller in the summer season. This is because there is more time to visit several properties as winter is six to seven months away. Hence, summer is the best time to buy/sell a ski property.

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