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G3 Whitetail Ranch 49277 County Road 659, Colcord, Ok, 74338

United States /Oklahoma, 49277 S County Road 658, 74338, 170

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170 Acres

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Drew Ary

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Welcome to G3 Whitetail Ranch A Rare Chance at a Business Opportunity - Ranch Manager is Willing and would Love to Stay On to Assist the New Owners! Secluded, yet less than a mile from the paved road and only 45 Minutes from XNA Airport (Bentonville AR) This Well Established +/- 170 Acre High Fence Hunting Ranch holds phenomenal business opportunities with million-dollar views to match. Beauty can be found in all areas of the property from the open Walnut Bottoms that hold pristine flowing springs to the Wooded Ridges and Draws composed of a mixture of Oak Species, Hickory, Elm, Sycamores and several other native tree species. Additional annual income is produced through hay production from the Southern 40 Acres of open rolling hilltop pasture. Exceptional care has been taken in maintaining the property and the attention to detail shows through in every aspect of the property from the landscape to the improvements. Currently the business is running on average 17-25 Hunts/Year for Whitetail Hunts with a recorded 100% Success Rate producing an annual average of $170,000 in Gross Income. Of the Annual Business over 85% is composed of Repeat Clients that the owner has built a long-standing relationship with resulting in guaranteed business year to year. The busiest season that has been recorded on the property was more than 70 Hunts but the ease of working the Ranch and the variable terrain allows for the ability to run multiple hunts (4-6 Hunters) at the same time. With the recent addition of Fallow, Axis, and Elk to the property along with the recently submitted application for a Hog Permit the business is expanding for more opportunities to hunt year-round to hold more clientele and generate more revenue. The current owner enjoys the business plan that is in place with a large majority of the hunts being for Whitetail and the low stress that comes with the simplicity of the current operation, but the sky is the limit for someone who wishes to continue to grow the inventory of Exotics to provide year-round hunting for greater revenue generation that comes with more booked hunts for alternative species. Oklahoma is known for its more relaxed regulations when it comes to High Fence Hunting Properties; and that, coupled with the properties proximity to the Densely Populated Areas of Tulsa and all areas of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri has resulted in the current owner never having an issue with keeping his hunt schedule as full as he likes. The Lodge: Built in 2016 the +2,300 Sqft Full Brick Exterior Lodge is built to entertain! From the wrap around porch to the large living area that greets you when you enter the rustic design falls perfectly in place with the atmosphere that surrounds the home. Apart from a few personal items all decor and furniture and nearly all mounts will convey to the new owners allowing for a turnkey setup and easy transition to keep the lodge familiar to the existing clients. The Lodge is 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom and can comfortably house 6 Hunters at a time, with 2 of the bedrooms currently being reserved for single beds that could be changed to hold a greater number of hunters at one time. The stamped concrete floors in the living areas and tile floors in the bathroom make clean up between hunting parties a breeze. The single car garage has been converted into UTV storage and a dressing area; which holds locker space for each hunter so that the guests do not have to bring the outdoors in with them at the end of their hunt as they have the ability to dress and undress comfortably in the attached garage area limiting the amount of dirt that can be brought into the lodge and keeping everything as clean as possible in order to limit turnaround time and stress with deep cleaning. The water supply for the home is 100% Spring Water that is purified before reaching the tap. Countertops are of Granite Construction and the stainless-steel appliances are in excellent condition. The current owner keeps the fridge and cabinets stocked with snacks for guests and provides two meals a day cooked in the lodge for guests during their stay. The Breeder Barn: Beautifully constructed and well maintained the Breeder Barn consists of 3,000 Sqft of heated and cooled space allowing the owner to maintain a cool climate while working different game species. There are two separately enclosed stalls on either side of the main open area with the South enclosure being utilized for equipment storage and the North enclosure being utilized front third being used for hay/feed storage and the back two thirds being partitioned into several different holding areas that are connected to the main pens. These areas are used to hold deer overnight and keep them calm before working them or loading them out the next day. Each partitioned area has a small 6-inch port hole as well as a camera system that allows you to monitor the deer while keeping their stress levels low. All doors that network the holding area can be raised and lowered from outside of the rooms which limits the human contact with the animals and creates and easy free flowing system that feeds to multiple areas to allow you to bring the animal into the working chute, out into the hunting preserve, or back into the holding pen area. The main area of the barn contains a mostly open space which allows tables to be set up for holding supplies while working animals. There is a medicine room in one corner to keep all supplies at close reach. For working the animals there is a Priefert 3 Stage Deer Box consisting of the Ramp, AI Box, and Squeeze/Drop Box and Circle Tub. This system has been well implemented and working animals does not get much easier when used to the manner of which it was intended. The Holding Pens: There are 8 individual holding pens with automatic waterers and shade structures. All fencing is constructed of 10Ft High Tensile Woven Wire and all corners and braces have been constructed of Steel Pipe and all bracings are metal posts and have been painted annually to keep the improvements in excellent condition. Base rock has been laid in areas of the pens to ensure there is always a dry area for standing and to assist in keeping the hooves trimmed to avoid having to trim them by hand as much as possible. The Exterior Fencing: All Exterior fencing is 10 Ft woven wire fence with steel corners and all metal bracing throughout. In total (including the holding pens) there is approximately 15,175 linear ft of fencing. The seller has kept the perimeter fence cleared by mowing back any new growth annually and throughout the growing season. With the presence of 3 Springs on the property there are water gaps that have been over built to ensure that no animals are able to escape. It is important to note that although rainfall does collect in some of the bottom areas there is no floodplain on the property and the change in water moving across the property is minimal after rains. The seller has never had an issue with maintaining the fencing. Additional Improvements/Equipment: 2 - 8 Ton Grain Bins (Utilized for Protein Pellet Feed) 1 - 3 Ton Grain Bin (Utilized for Corn Storage for Feeder Sites)' Newly Implemented Insect Fogger Bumper Pull Deer Trailer for Transporting Off Property Newer Kubota Tract with Implements (Front Loader LA805, Bush Hog, Grader, Rake, etc) - Very Low Hours 2019 Polaris 900 6 Seat UTV (Very Low Hours) 2020 Kubota 6 Seat UTV (Very Low Hours) Large Inventory of Stored Semen Multiple Redneck Blind Sites For Bow and Rifle Hunters Multiple Ladder Stands for Bow Hunters Multiple High Quality Gravity Feeders One Handi-cap Accessible Blind to Accommodate Disabled Hunters Much Much More! Current Inventory of Animals on Property as of April 15, 2021 that will convey: In the Preserve Area - +/- 40 Whitetail that have been allowed to stay in the preserve year round (Unknown Exact Ratio of Doe:Buck) - +10 Axis (7 Bred Doe and 2 Shooter Bucks/1 Yearling Bucks) More being delivered soon - 14 Fallow Deer (10 Fallow Doe and 4 Shooter Fallow Bucks) - 2 Bull Elk (Both Shooter Bulls) In the Holding Pens - 48 Currently Bred Does - 4 Breeder Bucks All Deer in the Pen area are Artificially Inseminated Annually for Best Results! The Seller has a large collection of stored Semen that will convey in the sale! The Ranch Manager is willing and would love to stay on to assist with operations or would gladly stay to aide in the transition of the property! For more information or to schedule a showing feel free to call Jacob Barnes 918-238-7380. Please try to schedule showing in advance to avoid conflict with scheduled hunts!

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Ranch, Recreational Land, Home, Home with Acreage, Acreage

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170 Acres


Home, Barn, Game-Proof Fence, Electricity

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49277 S County Road 658


Actual Address is 49277 County Road 659 Colcord OK From Colcord OK: Head North from Town on Colcord Keithly Rd In 2.5 Miles Turn Left onto County Road 659 Follow for 0.8 Miles and the Destination will be on your Left (West side of Road)