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3 Reasons to Buy Land in Georgia

3 reasons to buy land in georgia

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Published date:

March 18, 2020

Last updated date:

November 09, 2023

By Laura Mueller

Georgia hits quite a few sweet spots when it comes to its potential as a place for investing in land. The Empire State of the South has a lot of charm—and a lot of investment potential—for the individual who’s interested in purchasing a plot of land there, particularly when compared to its other major southern states. No land investment is a guarantee, and that’s as true in Georgia as it in the rest of the country. But with that in mind, there’s good reason to set your sights there. Here are three reasons why buying land in Georgia is a pretty good bet.

1. It’s Growing Fast

Atlanta is metropolitan hub with a quickly rising population that puts it on par with many of the country’s other major cities. And it’s not the only city in the state that’s seeing growth. WalletHub’s list of the fasting growing cities in America features not one, not two, but eight Georgia cities, including Athens, Sandy Springs, Augusta, and Savannah. While the growth rate varies depending on the area, the general upwards trend in Georgia city populations points to a reliable stream of incoming residents and increasing interest in the state. Whether you’re interested in buying Georgia land for commercial, residential, recreational, or even personal reasons, its current population surges suggest that you’ll have lots of opportunity abounding around you.

2. Prices are Reasonable

Acre per acre, Georgia offers one of the most reasonable rates in the south—especially when considered in light of its investment potential. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the value per acre of land in Georgia is about $14,000. That’s less than most of its immediate neighbors: South Carolina ($18,000 per acre), North Carolina ($16,000 per acre), and Florida ($29,000 per acre). The only neighbor with lower land value is Alabama, where the value per acre comes in closer to $12,000 per acre. All investments require a cost-benefit analysis. And from what we can see based on Georgia land values, you get a fair price for a big opportunity, which is as good a reason as any to take the leap.

3. There’s a Ton of Land Variety

Georgia has it all in terms of land opportunities—big cities, mountain, coasts, forests, farm land. That means that you can find pretty much any type of land that you’re looking for, and lots of it. Georgia’s topographical variety also means that it’s a boon for tourists, which is great news if you’re planning on purchasing land for recreational or commercial purposes. According to recent Georgia tourism statistics, the state generated more than $3 billion in tourism in 2018 alone—a $498 million jump from the previous year. If beautiful scenery, rising populations, and reasonable land values are part of your considerations for buying land, then Georgia definitely checks off all of the right boxes. Check out our listings of Georgia land for sale and browse what’s currently available. With a good eye and an open mind, you should have no trouble investing in Georgia land that offers both a profitable return and sustainable long-term potential.

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