4 Tips for Buying Land in Utah

4 Tips for Buying Land in Utah
The Beehive State is growing. People are flocking to Utah to take advantage of its picturesque views and copious amounts of land for sale. And with land averaging out at around just $5,000 an acre read more...


At LandHub we have a large selection of land for sale in Utah. Check out the different types of land available including acreage, ranches, rural properties, hunting land, and more. Start looking in Utah for land for sale today with the help of LandHub. When legendary movie director John Ford wanted to shoot on location in a place that would exemplify the American West he came to Monument Valley, Utah. His first movie in this land of isolated buttes and exquisitely carved rock formations in 1939 was Stagecoach and it made a star of a B-movie actor named John Wayne. Utah is known worldwide for its arresting terrain; it has spawned five distinctly different national parks - Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches, Zion and Bryce - known collectively as the Mighty 5. More than 70 percent of Utah land is government-owned and land purchased here is likely to butt up against some of it. Every Utah county contains some national forest. Residents of the Beehive State are among the nation's most active, from biking the slick rock formations of Moab in northeast Utah to exploring the slot canyons of the southern part of the state. The Wasatch Mountains have spawned some of the most popular ski resorts in the country, especially since Park City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Few world-class runs are located closer to an international airport than Utah's are to Salt Lake City. While visitors come to Utah to play, landowners come to settle in a state that consistently ranks high in polls of the "best places to live." One of the fastest-growing areas in recent years has been Washington County, the desert land of the state's southwest corner. Less than a two-hour drive from Las Vegas, Washington County is home to the Dixie National Forest, Zion National Park and the main town of St. George. Lake Powell in southern Utah is 186 miles long and sports 2,000 miles of shoreline property. The lake is one of America's top house boating destinations - there are 96 major canyon formations to explore while drifting on Lake Powell.

Frequently Asked Questions

The second most fastest-growing state in the United States, Utah, is a center for many different industries in the country. The state has a population of over 3 million. A national survey conducted in 2012 has declared this state as the “best state to live in, in the future”. This was concluded keeping in mind the top 13 measurements in the metrics.

Facts About Utah:

  • The first department store in the nation was established in Utah. ZCMI – Zions Co-Operative Mercantile Institution is still operational here.
  • The state has 5 national parks – Capitol Reef, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Bryce known as the Mighty 5.
  • Utah has 6 national forests, 2 national recreation areas, and 7 national monuments.
  • The citizens of this state are known to be among the most active residents in the nation.
  • Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural-rock formation in the world.
  • Utah has the tallest mountain peaks in the nation.
  • The literacy rate in Utah is the highest in the U.S.

Why Should you buy a Property/House in Utah?

Utah is a blooming state in every sense and owning a property here may be worth every penny. The population here is always on the rise and is the second-highest in the country with a 13.9% increase in 2019. Many people & businesses have been flourishing in the state and the number of renters is increasing every year. Utah has seen major universities, banks, and healthcare companies established in the main cities. Washington County is the fastest-growing county in the state which is a 2-hour drive from the wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada.

How is The Climate in Utah?

Utah has 4 distinct seasons. The summer days are hot with cooler nights. The winters are cold with snowfall in the north. However, there is a difference in the climate from the north to the south and from the desert to the mountain region. The desert is hot in the summer days but sees a significant drop in the temperature at night. The average temperature during summer is 70 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The night temperature drops between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters have an average temperature below the freezing point.

What is the Cost of Living in Utah?

The average cost of living in Utah is higher than the average national. Housing rates highly impact the cost of living. The median value of a home in Utah is $338,200 which is above most other states. The other factor affecting the cost of living in health costs. The average income of a household is $68,358 which is also higher than the median annual income in the country. Utah employs about 1.45 million people and the largest industries are construction, schools, restaurants, and food while the highest paying ones are agricultural, manufacturing, petroleum refining, and pipeline transportation.

How is the Real Estate Market Doing in Utah?

Zillow has ranked the real estate market in Utah at a 10 on 10 which indicates a “very healthy” market. Though the prices of properties in Utah is on the rise and the supply in comparison with the demand is low, Utah is still considered a great place for buying a property. The housing supply has seen a shortage and the higher wages are still not enough to buy a property there. With the population increasing and fewer properties, it is a great yet tough market to break into. Salt Lake City is the most expensive real estate ground followed by Park City, Highland, Alpine, Bluffdale, and Draper.