3 Reasons to Buy Land in Georgia

3 Reasons to Buy Land in Georgia

Georgia hits quite a few sweet spots when it comes to its potential as a place for investing in land. The Empire State of the South has a lot of charm - and a lot of investment potential—for the individual who’s interested in purchasing a plot of land there, particularly when compared to its other major southern states read more...


At LandHub we have a large selection of land for sale in Georgia. Check out the different types of land available including acreage, ranches, rural properties, hunting land, and more. Start looking in Georgia  for land for sale today with the help of LandHub. When Hoagy Carmichael penned his classic song, "Georgia On My Mind," it was an ode to a place that keeps calling you back. Plenty of people are hearing that haunting call - 14 of the country's fastest-growing counties are packed into Georgia, which contains more land than any state east of the Mississippi River. Only Texas has more. These newcomers are finding an available property in one of the nation's most diverse landscapes. Northern Georgia is draped in the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains - the famous Appalachian Trail begins or ends, here on Springer Mountain. Thousands of undeveloped brow acres and valley land with mountain views are scattered across Gilmer, Union, and Walker counties. These parcels are ideal for a private retreat, preserved as hunting lands or planted with cropland. The land around Lumpkin County may even contain traces of gold remaining from America's second gold rush in 1828. And it is all within an hour's drive of the greatest metropolitan area of the South - Atlanta. For land buyers who prefer the nip of salt air in the evening, Georgia boasts some 100 miles of shoreline, mostly protected by barrier islands. Some, like Cucumber Island, is preserved forever in their natural state while others such as the Golden Isles and Tybee Island east of Savannah still feature undeveloped building lots within walking distance of the beach. For those who can't decide between the mountains and the sea, tens of thousands of Peach State parcels remain for sale across the Piedmont plateau and the Coastal plain that covers most of Georgia. Lubricated by more than 70,000 miles of streams and rivers and over four million acres of freshwater wetlands, these lands draw bird hunters from across the country. New buyers can also choose to convert these rural lands into farms as favorite son Jimmy Carter's parents did when they put their first peanut plants in the ground in the 1920s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia is located in the southern region of the United States. Its name is derived from George II. Atlanta is the capital of this state. It is neighbored by Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Georgia is known for its diversity, from its flora and fauna to its varied landscapes.

Some Facts About Georgia

  1. The second oldest city in the United States is Saint Marys, Georgia.
  2. The largemouth bass is the official fish of the state.
  3. Georgia is the leading producer of peanuts, pecans, and peaches.
  4. Gainesville is the chicken capital of the world. Here, eating chicken with a fork is illegal.
  5. The state hosts the "International Poultry Trade Show". This show happens to be the largest convention of poultry throughout the world.
  6. It has various nicknames such as the "Empire State of the South", "Cracker State" and "Peach State".
  7. Fort Benning has the world's largest Infantry training center. Forest Park is known for conducting the largest farmer's market.
  8. The bloodiest battle in American history is captured in Chickamauga National Park.
  9. With 159 counties, Georgia is ranked second only after Texas in terms of a number of counties.
  10. The busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which is located in Atlanta.

Why Should One Buy Property In Georgia?

Georgia is a spectacular state with a rich history. It has an enriching culture and cuisine. It has amazing weather with a lot of sunny days. Spring is the best season to visit this state as the colorful nature is a thing to die for. The people here are kind and always ready to help a fellow out in the face of crisis. You will certainly love the fried green tomatoes that the Georgians adore the most. Its crunchiness and flavor will blow your mind. This state has some gorgeous beaches and mountains. There are beautiful cities like Savannah and Atlanta. So, you should seriously consider buying land or a house in Georgia.

What Is The Climate Like In Georgia?

Georgia has a subtropical climate. The climate can be classified as humid. It has short and mild winters, whereas the summers are long and dry. It sometimes snows in Georgia. But this happens rarely. It rains a lot in this state. It is very common to expect tornadoes and cyclones. Since the Chattahoochee River divides the state into two parts, the northern region toward the mountains is cooler than the remaining part of the state. Atlanta has been nicknamed "Hotlanta" because of how hot it gets in this city.

How Is The Real Estate Market In Georgia Holding Up?

The recent trend shows that the sale of houses is declining. in June 2019, 5,464 homes were sold. This reveals that there has been a -12.7% drop in sales when compared with June 2018. Thus, we can expect a transition to a buyer's market. Because of this slowdown, prices are going down making it desirable to buy property here. This trend is expected to continue in 2020 as well though at a decreasing rate. This means that the value of the property is still going to increase but at a lower rate.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Georgia?

The best months to visit Georgia are from March to May. The reason is that the climate is pleasant. Humidity is also low during these months.

What Are Some Recreational Activities That Can Be Done In Georgia?

There are many festivals organized in Georgia that you can attend and meet new people. All kinds of festivals such as food, dogs and different exhibitions are organized. Piedmont Park is a place where people often have picnics. It is a gem of a place. Sports are prevalent here, therefore, people support clubs and attend their matches. Georgia is a magnificent place that has a lot to offer. Once you stay here, you will fall in love with this state.