Ohio Land to Keep on Your Radar

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Whether you're looking to make a move or simply invest in some new land, Ohio should be on your radar of places to look. This Midwestern gem is affectionately known as the Buckeye state and the "Mother of Presidents" has a lot to offer. From woodlands exceptional for hunting to fertile read more...

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More than half of America's potential land buyers are within a comfortable one-day drive of Ohio. What is there to lure them to the Buckeye State?

People for one thing. Ohio is the seventh most populous state in America and claims three metropolitan areas larger than two million people: Cincinnati on the Ohio River, Cleveland on Lake Erie and the capital city of Columbus. Other large industrial cities include Toledo, Akron, and Dayton. This clustering of the population leaves plenty of undeveloped rural land in the state - the Appalachian region of eastern Ohio comprises 29 counties, a third of the land and only 12% of the people. Affordable hunting properties and family retreats abound in these heavily wooded hills laced with prehistoric stone ledges.

The jewel of southeastern Ohio is the Hocking Hills with desirable property scattered among the region's many state parks and forests. More than 50 zip lines have been erected above the ancient caves and cliffs to make Hocking Hills the Canopy Tour Capital of the Midwest.

At the other end of the state Ohio enjoys 312 miles of Lake Erie coastline. A leading destination on the lake since 1870 is Cedar Point, the nation's second-oldest operating amusement park and home to more roller coasters than anywhere in America. Cedar Point hosts more visitors each summer than any other thrill park - more than three million.

Central Ohio was scraped clean by glaciers tens of thousands of years ago, leaving behind exceptionally fertile till. Many of the farms here are owned by the Amish. Ohio has the largest population of Amish in North America with Holmes County being the state's largest settlement. Much of this Ohio farmland contains woodlands suitable for hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Situated in the Great Lakes region of the United States, Ohio is the seventh most populous state. Columbus is the capital of the state. Columbus is also the largest city in the state. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia are its neighboring states.

Some Facts About Ohio

  1. The rock song "Hang on Sloopy" is the state's official rock song.
  2. Police cars were first used by the city of Akron. This city is also the rubber capital of the world.
  3. Neil Armstrong, the first man to set his foot on Moon, was from Wapakoneta.
  4. The hot dog was first made in Ohio in 1900. I am sure many will agree that this is one of the best contributions from Ohio.
  5. Around 50% of the population of the United States resides within a radius of 500 miles from Columbus.
  6. Ohio's nickname is the Buckeye State.
  7. The Ohio University, which was established in 1804, is Ohio's first university.
  8. The largest basket in the world is situated in Dresden.
  9. The state was the first to recognize crime against women and hence it was the first one to create laws for the protection of women.
  10. There are 88 counties in the state.

Why buy a Property or House in Ohio?

Ohio is a wonderful state with many beautiful cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. The state has a wonderful educational system. There are many business schools including Oxford. The state has a lot to offer and can give you just about anything you like. There are several parks and museums including the National Museum of the Air Force which stands out for its uniqueness. There are plenty of jobs available in diverse fields too. Traffic is moderate except during rush hours. The cuisine is mouth-watering with many exotic restaurants. There are tons of recreational activities to do in the state like rafting, hiking, and so on.

How is the Climate in Ohio?

Ohio has a temperate climate as it lies in the humid continental zone. Summers are mild and winters are cold in the eastern highland. Having the warmest summers, the southern region has the longest growing season, which is 198 days. Columbus has an annual average temperature of 51 Degrees Fahrenheit with minimum temperature going down to 42 Degrees Fahrenheit and maximum going up to 61 Degrees Fahrenheit. Since Columbus lies in the central area the climate is more or less warm. However, Cleveland is a rather cold city with an average yearly snowfall of 56 in. Cleveland also experiences strong winds because of Lake Erie.

What is the Cost of Living in Ohio?

The cost of living is calculated by taking the average cost of living in all the states of the United States. This average is taken as the base and considered as 100. An index is calculated for each state and compared with this base. An index above 100 indicates that the state is expensive. On the other hand, if the index is less than 100 then it indicates otherwise. The cost of living in Ohio is 82. This indicates that Ohio is relatively cheaper than most other states.

How is the Real Estate Market Performing in Ohio?

The Ohio real estate market is hot right now. The average value of a house in Ohio is $150,300. This means that the values have gone up by 5.6% from last year's values. It is anticipated that the value is further going to increase by 2.7% next year. The average price of a house listed is $169,800. The average price of selling is $143,000. The average price of rent is $1,095.