New Hampshire

New Hampshire Mountains
At LandHub we have a large selection of land for sale in New Hampshire. Check out the different types of land available including acreage, ranches, rural properties, hunting land, and more. Start looking in New Hampshire for land for sale today with the help of LandHub. New Hampshire is home to America's most famous mountain - Mount Washington, where the earth's highest winds (up to 231 miles per hour) are regularly recorded on its 6,288-foot summit. The mountain was first scaled by European settlers in 1642 and the nation's first hiking trail was constructed up its flank in 1819. That route was followed by a coach road, now the world-renowned Mount Washington Auto Road, in 1861 and the Mount Washington Cog Railway in 1869. Luckily for most land buyers seeking privacy access to rural New Hampshire property is not quite so easy for the general public. Most of that land is forested - only neighboring Maine has a higher percentage of timberland. Some of the state's most rustic and affordable property lies north of the fabled White Mountains in the Great North Woods where less than one in twenty New Hampshirites reside. New Hampshire has the shortest seacoast in America - only 18 miles. What passes for population centers in the state are clustered within an hour's drive of the Atlantic Ocean in this southeastern region of the Granite State known as the Seacoast. Some of that ocean water is used to cool the reactors of the Seabrook Station Nuclear Plant near Portsmouth that cranks out 30% of the state's power. Inland water sports enthusiasts head for Lake Winnipesaukee, the state's largest, with 72 square miles of surface water. Boaters can explore its 253 islands. Winter brings ice fishing and ice boat racing and snow sports in New Hampshire's popular ski areas. There is no sales tax in New Hampshire and no personal income tax so the taxman won't come a-knocking until that down payment is placed on a piece of Granite State property.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Hampshire is a state situated in the New England region which is located in the northeastern region of the United States. Concord is the capital of the state. Manchester is the largest city in the state. Other important cities of the state are Nashua, Portsmouth, Keene, and Derry. Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont are its neighboring states.

Some Facts About New Hampshire

  1. There are 10 counties and 221 towns in New Hampshire. New Castle is the smallest town in the state. It covers 512 acres.
  2. New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies ruled by England. The state was the first to declare its freedom from England. It was six months before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  3. The constitution of the state was formed in 1784. It is the second oldest constitution in the country.
  4. The first free public library was established in Peterborough in 1933.
  5. The state is the 5th smallest in terms of area. It is also the 10th least populous state.
  6. The Granite State, Mother of Rivers, Switzerland of America, and White Mountain State are some nicknames of the state.
  7. The motto of the state is "Live free or die". This was a statement written by General John Stark.
  8. Cider donuts and maple sundaes are some of the famous desserts in the state.
  9. New Hampshire is named after Hampshire in England. John Smith was the one who named the state.

Why should you buy a property/house in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a charming place with the most helpful and friendly people. The best thing about New Hampshire is its geography and location. There is no shortage of mountains, lakes, and rivers. Canada, Boston, and New York City are just a few hours’ drives from New Hampshire. The state is very safe with very low crime rates.

How is the Climate in New Hampshire?

According to Köppen's climate classification, the climate of New Hampshire is humid continental. Summers are warm and humid. Winters are long, cold, and snowy. July is the hottest month of the year with temperatures varying between 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month of the year with temperatures going regularly below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the Cost of Living in New Hampshire?

The cost of living is calculated by taking the average cost of living in all the states in the United States. This average is taken as the base. Then the cost of living of a state is calculated by comparing it with the base. The base is taken as 100. An index above 100 means the state is expensive than most other states. Whereas, an index below 100 indicates otherwise. The cost of living index of New Hampshire is 105. This indicates that the state is slightly costlier than other states. However, this is just a small sacrifice to live in this beautiful state.

How is the Real Estate Market Performing in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s real estate market is very hot right now. The average value of a house in the state is $281,600. This indicates that there has been an increase of 3.7% from last year's value. It is further predicted that this figure will increase by 2.9% in 2020. As the values are increasing, it may be a good time to buy a house or property in New Hampshire. The average price of listing a house in the state is $300,000. On the other hand, the average price of selling is $271,300. The average price of rent is $1,750. Buying land in New Hampshire may be a good investment.