Top 10 Cool Things to Do on the Delmarva Peninsula

Top 10 Cool Things to Do on the Delmarva Peninsula
Delaware's Silent Sentinels Cape Henlopen's strategic location at the mouth of the Delaware Bay led the United States Army to establish Fort Miles among the dunes in 1941. In 1964, the Department of Defense declared 543 acres on the Cape as surplus property and the State of Delaware established Cape Henlopen State Park read more...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Delaware is situated in the eastern coastal area of the United States. It forms a part of the Mid-Atlantic region. The name of the state has been taken from Thomas West, 3rd Barron De La Warr. It has Maryland to its south and Pennsylvania to its north. Wilmington is the largest city. Three counties divide the state. They are New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County. Out of the above-mentioned counties, New Castle County is highly industrialized. On the other hand, the other two have been related to agriculture. Some important cities in Delaware are Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Middletown, and Smyrna.

Some Facts About Delaware

  • It is the 6th least populous state in the United States. However, it happens to be the 6th most densely populated state.
  • It is the second smallest state with only 1954 square miles.
  • It has the lowest number of counties.
  • It is known as the “The First State” since it was the first one to ratify the Constitution of the United States.
  • The name Delaware was derived from the Delaware River. The river had obtained its name from Thomas West.
  • It is sometimes referred to as the “Blue Hen State” as the blue hen is its state bird.
  • It enjoys a high-speed internet connection. It is the fastest in the country and faster than every other country with the only exception being South Korea.
  • Since there is no sales tax imposed in Delaware, outlets and malls are an attraction for people who want to save their pennies.

Why Should One Buy Property In Delaware?

Delaware is a classy place. The biggest advantage of living in Delaware is that people are very friendly. They are always ready to help one another and ready to have a conversation. This explains why Delaware has a low crime rate. This state has been named as the best state for those who are retiring in terms of crime, demography, tax rates and the overall economy. Another advantage of staying in Delaware is the ease with which you can travel to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean. You can easily drive to these places and come back to your house on the very same day. Delaware is nicknamed as the “Diamond State” due to its perfect location. If you are into cycling, this place is heaven on earth. It has been ranked as the 3rd most bike-friendly state.

How Is The Weather In Delaware?

The summers happen to be muggy and warm. The winters tend to be extremely cold with strong winds. Overall, Delaware is a wet state with a cloudy climate. The temperature range varies from 27°F to 94°F.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Delaware?

The best time to visit Delaware is from June to late September. You can visit Delaware for warm-weather activities.

How Is The Real Estate Market Of Delaware Performing?

The average home price in Delaware in 2018 was $236,000. The prices are predicted to go up by 1.9% in the next year. The average price of houses that are listed is around $300,000 whereas the median price of those houses which are sold is $232,000. The real estate market, in general, is doing great so there is no reason in saying that investment in Delaware will not be profitable. Delaware is a beautiful city and most importantly it is a safe state. People live in harmony with nothing but peace and love. To give you an idea of this state’s simplicity, the state hosts the World Championship Pumpkin Chunkin annual competition where teams try to throw pumpkins as far as they can using homemade devices. Sounds interesting? It offers other recreational activities as well. All in all, Delaware is a package of fun, simplicity, and elegance. [yasr_visitor_votes]