Why Land in Mississippi Should Be at the Top of Your List 

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What do magnolia trees, blues music, and Elvis Presley have in common? They all hail from Mississippi. This Southern state is known for many things including its hospitality, charm, and down-home cooking but today we want to go a little deeper and spotlight some of the amazing lands read more...


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Mississippi land, much of it alluvial soil deposited by the namesake river flowing down its western border, proved to be the richest cotton-growing ground the earth had ever seen in the early 1800s. The delta was cleared for the great cotton plantations that made Mississippi the fifth-wealthiest state in antebellum America. The Civil War throttled the boomtowns and after the war, the state was slow to abandon its agrarian ways. Several disastrous floods on the mighty Mississippi River also throttled several attempts at industrialization.

So much of the Magnolia State still rests in undeveloped land. Almost all of it is heavily forested except those half-million acres of Mississippi Delta still producing cotton. You are more likely to find Mississippi farmers these days harvesting catfish, of which it is the country's largest producer. When Mississippi farms come on the market they are likely to feature timberland, often with managed herds for private hunting.

What the state failed to produce in the way of material goods is made up in human capital. Consider this partial roster of famous Mississippians that have shaped the cultural landscape: Jimmie Rodgers, the "Father of Country Music;" blues legends Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Robert Johnson; the King himself, Elvis Presley; America's greatest novelist, William Faulkner; playwriting titan Tennessee Williams; record-breaking gridiron stars Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, and Brett Favre; and Oprah Winfrey.

For centuries travelers knew Mississippi lands from the Natchez Trace, a footpath connecting Native American villages to the Mississippi River. In early America, watermen would float flat-boats down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, sell their goods and salvageable logs on the Natchez docks and then walk back through the nation's interior on the Trace. Today the Natchez Trace Parkway is an unimpeded 444-mile national park, with over 300 of its miles through Mississippi. It is the ideal conduit for scouting the state's rural land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mississippi is a state situated in the southern portion of the country. Jackson is the capital of the state. Jackson also happens to be the largest city in the state. Other important cities of the state include Gulfport, Southaven, Hattiesburg, and Biloxi. Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Gulf of Mexico are its neighboring states.

Some Facts About Mississippi

  1. There are 82 counties in Mississippi with Yazoo (920 sq miles) as the biggest county.
  2. Edwards has the largest plantation of cactus in the world.
  3. Jackson County is home to the rarest species of cranes. They are called the Mississippi Sandhill Crane.
  4. Issaquena County, the smallest county in the state, has cottonwood plantation that is the largest in the world.
  5. The Vicksburg National Cemetery is a national cemetery that is the second largest in the country.
  6. Lumberton is home to pecan nursery that is the largest in the world.
  7. Mississippi River, nicknamed as the old man river, is the nation's main waterway. It is the largest river in the country.
  8. Greenwood is nicknamed as the world's cotton capital.
  9. The state name is derived from the Mississippi River. Mississippi means 'Big River' in a native language.
  10. Almost 63% (19.5 million acres) of the state's land is taken up by forests.

Why Should You Buy a Property/House in Mississippi?

Mississippi is a beautiful state which has a lot to offer. Residents of Mississippi are generous and always willing to have a chat. The cost of living in Mississippi is lower than in other states. The cuisine is brilliant and some people say that you would not get better barbeque food anywhere other than Mississippi. There are many exciting things to do here. There are many casinos and restaurants in the state.

How Is The Climate In Mississippi?

Mississippi has a subtropical climate with high humidity. Summers are hot, humid, and very long. Winters are short and mild. The mean temperature in summers can go up to 80 ° F. Whereas, in winters, the mean temperature is 48 ° F. Precipitation averages to 64 inches.

What is the Cost Of Living in Mississippi?

The cost of living is calculated by taking the average cost of living in all states of the country. This average figure is taken as the base. Then the individual cost of living is calculated by comparing it with the state's cost of living. In this way, we get an index for each state. An index above 100 indicates that the cost of living is high meaning the state is expensive in comparison with other states. Similarly, an index below 100 means the state is cheaper. Now that we know the method, the cost of living in Mississippi is 81.1. Therefore, the state is quite cheap compared to other states. The main factor contributing to bringing down this index is housing. Housing is extremely cheap in this state.

How is the Real Estate Market in Mississippi Performing?

The estate market in Mississippi is extremely hot. The current average value of a house is $129,600. This means that there has been an increase of 4% from last year's value. After going through data collected from the past few years, it is expected that the value is further going to increase by another 3%. As the value is fast increasing, it could be a viable option for investing your money. The average price of houses that are listed is $187,500. The average price of rent is $1,150. All in all the market is doing good. There are many houses and land available for sale.