The Perks of Buying Land in Michigan

The Perks of Buying Land in Michigan

Michigan is one of those magical states that has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes and year-round outdoor fun. A growing economy, affordable farming land, and high-ranked universities buying land in Michigan is a no-brainer for most. read more...


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No two words get a sportsman's blood racing quicker than the "Upper Peninsula." This outdoor wonderland is larger than several states but is home to scarcely more than 300,000 residents. The land is heavily forested and undeveloped property abounds along with the ribbons of two-lane roads that penetrate the Upper Peninsula. The Porcupine Mountains around Marquette County are sporty enough to be the home of the United States National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum in Ishpeming. Winter comes early here and skiers have been testing their mettle on Suicide Hill since the 1880s.

Land shopping in Michigan can not be addressed without mentioning water. Touching on four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan enjoys more freshwater coastline than any place in the world. Nowhere in Michigan is more than 85 miles from a Great Lake. The lakes themselves contain 1/5 of the surface freshwater on the planet. Much of Michigan's lakeshore is privately owned but if Good Morning America keeps declaring Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore the "Most Beautiful Place in America," as it did in 2011, it will be hard to keep prices down.

Even away from Lake Michigan or Lake Superior or Lake Huron or Lake Erie, no parcel of land in the Wolverine State lies more than six miles from a natural water source. There are almost one million boats registered in Michigan, only Florida's waterways are more crowded. If those boats are heading for a fishing hole salmon, trout, walleye or perch are likely to be on the menu for dinner.

If rural Michigan lands aren't being tapped by fishermen they are being exploited by hunters. There are more licensed hunters in Michigan than any other state - over one million strong. The white-tailed deer on the Upper and Lower peninsulas must match wits each season with over 750,000 hunters. It is no surprise that most Michigan schools don't bother to convene on the opening day of hunting season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan is a state situated in the Midwestern portion of the United States. It comes within the Great Lakes Region. The state name is derived from an indigenous North-American language and it means “large water.” Lansing is the capital of the state. Detroit is the largest city in the state. Other important cities include Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Kalamazoo. The population of the state is 10 million.

Some facts about Michigan

  1. The cement plant in Alpena is the largest in the world.
  2. The state is a leading producer of magnesium compounds and peat. It is second in the production of iron and gypsum. The limestone quarry in Rogers City is the largest in the world.
  3. Michigan’s nickname is the “Wolverine State” yet there are no wolverines in the state anymore.
  4. With two peninsulas, the lower and higher peninsula, the state is one of a kind.
  5. The state’s freshwater coastline is the largest in the world. There are 64,980 ponds and inland lakes.
  6. The state has a post office that floats. This is the only post office of its kind.
  7. Second to Alaska, it has the longest shoreline.
  8. The state has 83 counties, 276 cities, and 257 towns.

Why Should One Buy a Property/House in Michigan?

Michigan is an absolutely charming place. The residents of Michigan are kind and helpful. Michigan has a lot to offer for all kinds of people. Employment opportunities are in abundance. Michigan is divided into two peninsulas with both peninsulas having different features. The state has four lakes surrounding it. For people who like outdoor sports, Michigan is perfect as the state is famous for recreational sports and boating. Beaches are clean and are a nice place to spend the weekend. If you want to settle in Michigan with your family, this state is a good option as it has several famous universities. Your kids would not have to leave the state to attain higher education. The cuisine is scrumptious with lots of variety. All in all, Michigan is an amazing place.

How is the Climate in Michigan?

According to Köppen's climate classification, Michigan’s climate is a continental climate. The southern region has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. The Upper Peninsula, however, has an extreme climate with short warm summers and very cold winters. Rainfall is experienced within a range of 30 to 40 inches. The Upper Peninsula receives around 160 inches of snowfall each year. The state experiences 30 days of thunderstorms and 17 days of tornadoes each year on average.

What are Some Recreational Activities to do in Michigan?

Michigan is a state full of fun things to do. Being bordered by water on 3 sides of its borders, water sports are quite famous here. Rafting and boating are the main tourist attractions. Residents of Michigan love to spend their time on beaches on weekends. Here are some recreational activities that can be done:

Biking, water skiing, fishing, diving, canoeing, dog sledding, off-roading on ATVs, golf (700 courses), hunting, hiking, snowboarding, snow skiing, whitewater rafting, snowshoeing, etc. 

How is the Real Estate Market In Michigan Performing?

Michigan is a great place to start a new life and to invest your hard-earned money. The average value of a house in Michigan is $154,700. This is a 4.7% increase from last year’s value. It is further anticipated that the value will rise by 4.4% in 2020. The average listing price in Michigan is $183,000. While the average selling price is $151,000. There is plenty of land available for sale in Michigan and it is advisable that buying property might prove to be profitable in the long run.