Three Things to Keep Your Eye On When Looking for Vermont Land

Three Things to Keep Your Eye On When Looking for Vermont Land

Sprawling forests and sparsely populated cities are just two of the reasons nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate a slower pace of living love Vermont. The Green Mountain State is equally as famous for its cheddar cheese and maple syrup as it is for its skiing and hiking. read more...


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Almost by definition all land in Vermont is rural; only Wyoming has fewer residents, its capital, Montpelier, is the smallest state capital and its largest town, Burlington, is the least populous city to have the honor of being a state's largest. Even the homes that are built are often unoccupied - 15% of all Vermont housing stock is classified as vacant or seasonal, the second-highest rate in America.

Four out of every five acres in Vermont is covered in forest. The maples produce more syrup than any other state when they are tapped in the spring. Land that has been cleared for agriculture is reserved mostly for the state's dairy herds. Much of that fresh milk is trucked to Waterbury to make Ben & Jerry's super-premium ice cream, the state's most famous export. Some Vermont land is being purchased for vineyards - there were none in the state in 1985, today there are 14.

Much of the state's private lands come with easements for public recreation. Most of Vermont's 6,000 miles of snowmobile trails, used by 138 clubs, travel across private lands. The state controls its wildlife herds of deer, bear, moose and wild turkey with managed hunts. Waterfront property can be found along the state's 800 ponds and lakes. Lake Champlain on 120 miles of Vermont's western border is the country's largest lake that isn't a Great Lake.

Some of the Green Mountain State's most attractive land resides in the Northeast Kingdom counties of Essex, Orleans, and Caledonia. In the past, the National Geographic Society has tabbed the Northeast Kingdom as the most desirable place to visit in America. The best way to explore these lands is on a mountain bike - the multi-use trail system here has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vermont, known as the Mountain State, is famous for its scenic beauty and peaceful surroundings. Vermont has the second smallest population and its largest city is Burlington.The capital city of Vermont is Montpelier which is the smallest when compared to any other state’s capital. Most of the buildings and homes in this state remain unoccupied throughout the year as visitors and owners tend to stay here only during the holiday seasons.

Facts about Vermont

  • Montpelier has a population of fewer than 9,000 people.
  • The capital city, Montpelier, doesn’t have a McDonalds.
  • In the United States, Montpelier is the largest producer of maple syrup.
  • The largest amount of dairy cows.
  • IBM is the largest employer in Vermont.
  • Most of the milk produced in the state is bought by Ben & Jerry’s for making their ice cream. In return, the company gives all its ice cream waste to the local farmers in Vermont to feed their many hogs.
  • The capitol building of the state has a gold dome.
  • 80% of the land in Vermont is forest, with 4 out of every 5 acres.

Why Should you buy a Property/House in Vermont?

If you are looking for a second home in the U.S, then Vermont is a great option. A home set between beautiful forests with vast open lands everywhere is a dream holiday and retirement location. If you enjoy snow skiing or snowboarding, then Vermont is a great place to enjoy it. The state sees a huge number of people come from all over the world to enjoy world-class skiing. Autumn also attracts many visitors to witness the amazing leafs changing color. During the winter the market for buying property is slow and often sold for lower prices. So February and March may be the best months to buy property in Vermont.

How is the Climate in Vermont?

The Maple State has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold snowy winters. The average temperature during the summer is in July between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are cold with the average lowest temperature between 2 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit during January. Sometimes the winters are extremely cold and receive rain or snow. Autumn is the most sought-after season of Vermont due to the colorful leaves and spring is muddy during April. Early summer and spring receive the highest rainfall along with thunderstorms. Snowstorms are common during winters.

What is the Cost of Living in Vermont?

Vermont provides a life that many people have always wanted. With the streams, meadows and huge mountains usually visible. Vermont also offers a higher cost of living. The cost of living in Vermont is 16% more when compared to the national average. Utility costs are 29% higher due to the cost of heating homes during the chilly and snowy winters. This is the highest variant that affects the cost of living in Vermont.

How is the Real Estate Market doing in Vermont?

As per Zillow, Vermont homes have a median value of about $202,300. This value is around the same as the national average. The price of real estate has grown by 3.9% and is expected to grow by another 1.3% in the coming year. Major cities, including the capital Burlington, has a higher home value with the median property value of $321,700. The price has increased by 6% and is expected to rise by 3 more percentage points in the next year.