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4 Ways to Market Real Estate with Social Media

4 ways to market real estate with social media

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Published date:

February 01, 2016

Last updated date:

February 01, 2016

By Manny Manriquez

There are thousands of different articles on the Internet advising you on the basic ways to market land or real estate for sale via social media. But we wanted to point out a few unique ways that may give you a “leg up” and help separate your property from the pack and better highlight it. Twitter Hashtags These little babies make your message (tweet) far more visible to a wider range of people. For example, if you want to tweet about ranch land for sale in Wyoming, utilize hashtags to better reach those who may be interested in such a thing. Alas, if you tweet “Ranch land for sale near Cheyenne, Wyoming,” it's likely that the only people who'll see that tweet are those who are currently following YOUR twitter feed. So include hashtags and instead tweet: #ranchlandforsale 100 acres near #Cheyenne #Wyoming The simple inclusion of those three hashtags allow your tweet to then appear in the list of tweets seen by anyone who accesses (or searches for) the hashtags #Cheyenne or #Wyoming or #ranchlandforsale. And yes, there are a lot of people who do indeed search for hashtags just like this. Check out this list from Zillow of 30 hashtags you should consider pertaining to real estate. (This list is focused on real estate agents, but it's viable for anyone, including individual landowners). Twitter Searches Speaking of Twitter searches, spend some time and familiarize yourself with the many search functions on that social media platform. People post anything and everything on Twitter, and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to find tweets from folks who easily identify themselves as potential buyers or clients. YouTube If you're trying to sell property without utilizing video, well, you're just wasting opportunity. Video gets further reach and, thanks to autoplay, is more eye-catching than photos or text as people scroll past it in their Facebook or Twitter feeds. Photos are important, but video takes your property to a higher level. You can have a professional shoot the video if you'd like, but even just you – walking around for a couple of minutes and recording with your smartphone camera – will work just fine. YouTube offers some very simple tools for you to make the video a bit more professional. Get that video loaded on YouTube and you can use it anywhere: embed it on your blog, on your website, and of course, across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere on the web. And, of course, it's also available to anyone searching for relevant properties for sale on YouTube. Of course, most people use Google, but you'd be surprised at the number of folks who now utilize YouTube as almost a defacto search engine. Their search bar at the top of the YouTube page encourages users to do just that, and many people are discovering that YouTube is, in and of itself, an important search engine. Don't forget to “mark up” your video of real estate for sale or land for sale with the search tags pertinent to your property. You'll come across those as you're uploading the video. Boost Your Facebook Posts Everyone wants to market for free via social media, but Facebook ads can be surprisingly affordable. Better yet, they allow you to tightly target demographics, geographic areas, zip codes, and interest groups. Want to market only to farmers in West Texas who like Ford trucks? You can do that. Want to reach only males between 35-54 who are business owners and have vacationed in Florida? You can do that, too. Explore their ad platform a bit and you'll be astounded at how tightly you can narrow the list of consumers that see your advertisement.

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