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5 Reasons to Buy Land in Montana

5 reasons to buy land in montana

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Published date:

May 06, 2020

Last updated date:

May 06, 2020

By Manny Manriquez

by Caroline Kirby Whether you know Montana as "The Treasure State" or "Big Sky Country," there's no denying that this western state is plentiful in terrain, natural resources, and land. From wilderness preserves to the Rocky Mountains to Glacier National Park, land buyers will find a bit of everything in Montana. Land in Montana is a hot commodity thanks to the abundance of natural resources and livability. If you have your eye on purchasing land, here are a few reasons to bump Big Sky Country to the top of your list. From recreational land to spacious landscapes perfect for building a cabin, there's no shortage of interesting things to do in Montana. Here are five reasons why buying land in Montana could be a sound investment.

1. You Love the Outdoors:

The most obvious feature that draws outsiders to Montana is its variety of outdoor offerings. From hunting to winter sports to fly fishing to national parks, there is truly something great for every nature lover.

2. Ideal Terrain for Ranching:

Apart from the incredible views, Montana terrain is suitable for just about any plan. Land in Montana is most common for people interested in ranching or homesteading thanks to its vast space and rich soil.

3. High Value at a Low Cost:

Montana's rich natural resources and manageable terrain makes it very valuable. Yet, the property taxes are very cheap compared to other states, making property here affordable. Many land buyers are surprised to find that you can get a great piece of property for less than the price of a new truck.

4. Successful Business Culture:

While agriculture is still king of the economy in Montana, there is a burgeoning tech scene and booming tourism sector. Both of which contribute to a stable and growing economy that can support businesses of different types.

5. Great Communities to Live:

Although many think of homesteads and isolated ranches when it comes to Montana, the truth is that many cities across the state have consistently been ranked as some of the most livable places in the nation. With various higher education establishments and opportunities to be physically active, there's plenty to keep residents interested. As you continue your search for land, don't overlook the opportunity to purchase property in Montana. Whether you're looking to build a retirement home or try your hand at a new experience, there's plenty to do in Big Sky Country. Need help in your search for the perfect piece of land? Don't hesitate to reach out to and leverage their resources. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:

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