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5 Tips for Selling Land in the Spring

5 tips for selling land in the spring

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Published date:

April 10, 2024

Last updated date:

April 10, 2024

By Laura Mueller

Spring is a great time to sell. And there are a lot of reasons for this, including better weather, higher sale prices, and increased buyer demand. To make the most of it though, you need to go in with a plan of action – and that’s where these tips come in. 

If you’re looking to sell land this spring, here are five things you can do to boost your chances of a fast sale and an attractive price. 

Tip #1: Bring Your Listing Up to Date

Take the time to freshen up your listing for the spring season, swapping out dated photos, videos, and drone shots for visuals that speak to the current climate.  

A lot of sellers list their land in the winter and then fail to do any updates once spring rolls around. However this can work against you, since gray, snowy pictures and videos are a clue-in to buyers that your property has been sitting on the market for at least a couple of months. So if it’s clear your visuals were taken in the winter, it’s definitely worth investing in a refresh. 

Tip #2: Do Some Spring Cleaning

April showers bring… lots of mud and weeds. 

Spring landscaping is a must for ensuring that your property is ready for showings, though exactly what you’ll have to do depends on how your land is used and how you’re marketing it. At the very least, plan to clear up access roads so agents and prospective buyers can easily get where they need to go. 

Tip #3: Check for Boggy Problem Areas

Speaking of rain, wet spring weather can also bring with it another type of problem: bogged land

Land bogging can happen for several reasons, including improper drainage and poor soil composition. And along with it comes pest problems, foul smells, and difficulties with planting and/or building. 

After a heavy spring rain, stop by your property to check for bogged land and, if necessary, put a solution into place. These types of improvements can boost the value of your land, and will also let you assure buyers that drainage problems have been properly dealt with. 

Tip #4: Look At the Comps

Your land should always be priced to sell. This doesn’t mean that you have to (or should) undervalue it, but it does mean that you have to pay close attention to the comps in your area – especially in the springtime, when competition is at its height. 

Whether you’re updating a current listing or just hopping onto the market now, account for the nuances of a high-inventory market and price your property accordingly. That way, you’ll be less likely to continue the sale process into the summer and beyond. 

Tip #5: Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

Spring is a time of renewal, and that applies to your marketing strategy too. Better weather offers the perfect opportunity to get out and take more and better images and videos of your property that you can share in your marketing. And the spring season in general means that agents are getting busy and have more buyers to share your listing with. Make both of these things work in your favor by amping up your marketing efforts, and tap into new channels so you can get as many eyes as possible on your property for sale. 

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