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6 Reasons to Consider Investing in Land in New Jersey

6 reasons to consider investing in land in new jersey

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Published date:

August 10, 2022

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Manny Manriquez

While the pandemic may have led to a mass exodus from metropolitan areas like Boston and the suburbs of Manhattan, areas like Connecticut and New Jersey also saw tons of people moving away from the cities. However, the Garden State houses six distinct regions that have a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you're relocating or looking to invest in property somewhere new, here are some reasons to consider New Jersey for your investment.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Property in New Jersey

As we mentioned above, the Garden State is home to distinct regions that have a personality of their own – making it possible for every type of person to find a place to settle. Here's a quick guide to each region to help you get started on your search for the perfect New Jersey property.

  1. Skylands Region: This is where "New Jersey touches the clouds" as it's home to the tallest natural peak, tons of hills, wooded areas, and state parks that house a little slice of the Appalachian Trail. If geography, history, and cultural events are your interests, this is the place to look!
  2. Delaware River Region: Don't let the name fool you! The western part of New Jersey along the Delaware River border with Pennsylvania is where you'll find cozy riverside towns, wineries, and plenty of opportunities to embark on outdoor adventures. With over 150 miles of shoreline, it's not likely you'll run out of things to do here.
  3. Gateway Region: The northeastern corner of NJ offers more urban cityscapes and cultural events. You can check out the Statue of Liberty and then easily grab a bite as this is the world capital of diners.
  4. Greater Atlantic City Region: If you're looking for a night out, this is the place to be. With everything from celebrity chef-owned restaurants to upscale spas, you'll find a nice mix of luxury getaways and family adventures.
  5. Shore Region: Although your first thought when you hear "Jersey Shore" may be nightclubs and MTV, the truth is that this region is home to miles upon miles of soft white sands and coastal farmsteads. This area is ideal for retirees or investing in a vacation home.
  6. Southern Shore Region: Free beaches, state parks, museums, and a full calendar of events make this area family-friendly and popular for summer getaways. If you're looking for the perfect mix of charm and tranquility, this is it.

As you can see, New Jersey boasts multiple lifestyle options and opportunities for everyone. No matter where you settle in the Garden State, you won't be far from various major airports, making travel to and from your property pretty hassle-free. Additionally, New Jersey consistently ranks high in public education, health, and safety, and with its abundance of activities and proximity to cities like Philadelphia and New York City, it's unlikely you'll ever be bored. One last important factor to consider is that New Jersey also has various state-sponsored, first-time homebuyer assistance programs that help state residents purchase property in the Garden State. Ready to start looking for land in New Jersey? Check out Land Hub's current listings to see what's out there!

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