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7 Ways to Utilize Your Recreational Land This Summer

7 ways to utilize your recreational land this summer

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Published date:

June 03, 2020

Last updated date:

January 23, 2024

By Caroline Kirby

As the weather warms up and the summer mood rolls in, there's no doubt that most of us are looking for ways to get outside and stay there. If you already own recreational land or you're aiming to close a deal on a property before summer ends, what are you planning on doing with your land during the summer months? If you could use some inspiration on what to do with your land, here are some quick tips! Regardless of the size of your property, the amount of free time you do or don't have, or the budget you're working with, there is something for everyone on this list. Check out these seven different ways to enjoy your recreational land this summer!

1. Start a Family Tradition:

Depending on your family's activity level and interests, the possibilities are endless. Choose one activity as a family or group of friends that you want to make a monthly (or weekly) pursuit. This could be Sunday brunch picnics, weekend camping excursions, 4-wheeler races, a paintball battle, anything! Take advantage of your space to do something out of the ordinary with your loved ones.

2. Grow Unique Flowers:

Maybe you're already gardening or farming on your land, so why not give yourself a small area to try something new. Choose a different flower or plant you've always found interesting and start growing them. You can always utilize later for an art project or even sell at your local farmer's market.

3. Set Up an Unofficial Dog Park:

Do you and your loved ones have a few furry friends? This is the perfect time to get everyone out of the house to spend time together while letting your pets run off their energy.

4. Commit to Improving Your Land:

If you don't actually spend much time on your land, but you'd like to get more hands-on, set some time aside each week to enhance your land. Clean up trails, replace or install security measures, establish a food plot for any game you may hunt, or even install trail cameras. Each of these tasks can help you get better acquainted with your property as well as increase the value.

5. Outdoor Photo Studio:

Is anyone in your family or friend group interested in photography? Using all of that open space is a great opportunity to sharpen skills. On the other hand, you could always rent your land out for summertime photoshoots to local artists.

6. Hunt for Treasure:

Get a metal detector and a group of friends and see what you guys can come up with. You can even make it a competition and divide into teams and search different parts of your property.

7. Drive-In Movie:

Nowadays, it's hard to find a drive-in movie theater, but there's no denying just how fun they really are. All you need is a projector, a sheet, Bluetooth speakers, and some snacks, and you're all set. Get your friends together and enjoy this old-school hangout. Summertime is the season of trying new things and enjoying ourselves; especially after the last few months, most all of us are itching to get outside and enjoy ourselves. Which of these activities would you like to try? Get more insight into recreational land uses and purchasing tips on Check out LandHub's land listings in your area to see what properties you could transform this summer.

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