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Build a Vacation Home that Powers - and Pays For - Itself

build a vacation home that powers - and pays for - itself

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Published date:

March 07, 2016

Last updated date:

March 07, 2016

By Manny Manriquez

by Jennifer Dickson, Founder/CDO Acre Designs Acre offers a simple, turnkey solution for building a beautiful, modern zero-energy home. Zero-energy, or NetZero, homes provide as much power as they consume; meaning homeowners enjoy a lighter environmental footprint and a life without energy bills. Typically NetZero homes involve a lengthy, complicated design and build process and are 2 to 3 times the cost of a standard home. Acre has developed a method for building closer to conventional costs in half the time. Our homes are vastly more comfortable, quieter and have healthier indoor air quality than standard homes. We bring together backgrounds in construction, architecture and industrial design to create a home that’s a high-end consumer product, as well as a build process that reflects modern manufacturing standards. We provide pre-engineered designs and a kit of all the materials. The homes are built on-site by approved builders in your area. This means homeowners can get typical construction financing and work with a local builder who is familiar with codes, permitting and regulations in the area. The Origin Series of homes is Acre’s first nation-wide offering. Customers can view the floor plans and transparent pricing on our website and make a reservation for the remaining build slots in 2016. Origin is a luxury series, designed primarily to address the California, Boulder and Austin markets - which each have enacted NetZero mandates. A more affordable series will be introduced in 2017 as we grow our reach. Our goal is to offer NetZero homes that easily and affordably replace standard homes up and down the market; opening up a more positive financial and environmental future for families nationwide. Acre is also offering a special program specifically designed for vacation homes. The “Sleep-on-It Program” allows owners to share their vacation home with potential Acre customers when it’s not in use. We offer significant discounts off an Origin Series home and owners keep all rental income. It’s a great way to shave money off your second home, while helping us spread the Acre brand and mission. Acre homes come standard with features that make them ideal for vacation properties. We choose high-quality, low-maintenance materials, so you don’t have to spend your downtime doing home repairs. We also include Smarthome technologies, like remote lighting and security controls, water leak alerts and smart locks that allow you to share temporary access with guests. We can build throughout the country, including locations that are challenged with harsh climates, short build seasons or no utility access (with our off-grid option). We’re looking for 12 homeowners to build in destinations around the country this year and just announced our next build in the beautiful seaside town of Cannon Beach, Oregon. You can learn more about the Acre Sleep-on-It Program HERE.

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