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Buying Property for a Bed & Breakfast: Unique Themes

buying property for a bed & breakfast: unique themes

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Published date:

April 11, 2016

Last updated date:

April 11, 2016

By Manny Manriquez

By Mark Bingaman Social Media Expert with the Indy Real Estate Experts Photo credit: Opening a bed and breakfast is a time-honored way for an entrepreneur to adopt a new lifestyle, business, and to maximize land and property. Many folks search for an interesting location, building or land to buy that begs for an owner willing to think out-of-the-box and transform it into a vacation or weekend getaway spot. When you scroll through the listings here on, you may come across any number of plots that would make a place for a great bed and breakfast. Or you may stumble upon a patch of land with an established home ideal for a B&B or perhaps even a section of land with a strange or long-neglected building that causes you to scratch your head and wonder what – yes, exactly what – could you ever do with that? As idea starters, here are a few established B&Bs with owners who were willing to try something different to maximize their investment in land. Glamorous Tepees and Horseback Winery Tours A bed and breakfast called the Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn in Zillah, Washington, is situated in the state’s wine country and offers guests the opportunity to sleep in glamorous 20-foot outdoor tepees with small refrigerators, private bathrooms, super-cushy down comforters and outdoor showers. Guests can add a horseback tour through the local winery country. If you’d like to develop a piece of land that has no buildings into a profitable B&B, this sort of concept (one that requires no significant construction) seems a smart way to go. Train Caboose Getaway This property – also in Washington state – is dotted with authentic cabooses standing atop sections of railway. The interior of each caboose is decorated  and furnished just like the comfortable room of any traditional B&B, although each car boasts its own theme, like the Orient Express caboose. Rooms include gas fireplaces and fridges, with guests getting together for meals in the Steel Zephyr private dining car. If you own or buy land in any area, this concept is perfect for an owner who is a train enthusiast and it’ll certainly bring customers who are also railway fans. Furthermore, it may be a somewhat easier way to turn a patch of land with no buildings into a fun B&B experience, while letting you avoid the cost of building a new structure. Just purchase a few old cabooses and some railway ties, transport the cabooses to your spot, and redecorate. Tree house Treesort Do you have an eye on buying some land that features a nice collection of tall trees or old-growth forest? Then maybe you can maximize the land with a tree house Treesort! For example, this tree house B&B in Oregon features 18 tree houses with rope bridges, rope swings and zip lines galore darting between the trees and guest tree houses. The largest suite includes a private bathroom, kitchenette and sitting area, while other houses have their bath facilities on the ground. Some of the “rooms” are made for two people, while others can house/sleep up to seven. These examples highlight just a few ways that you can find a great piece of land to buy here on and transform it into a unique B&B environment and a fun and profitable investment.

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