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What to Consider When Buying Rural Property

what to consider when buying rural property

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Published date:

March 11, 2016

Last updated date:

March 11, 2016

By Manny Manriquez

by Mark Bingaman Social Media Expert w/ the Indy Real Estate Experts  “Green Acres is the place for me”... The song probably reverberates through your brain; perhaps you've even seen the old TV show with Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert. Finding rural property to buy for a residence – be it a home that's already built or land for development – can indeed be a perfect respite for people that want to move away from hectic city life. Whether you seek it as a vacation home, a retirement spot, or simply want a full-time lifestyle change, there are some things to plan for when buying land in the country. Neighbors You won't have to worry about neighbors stealing your parking spot, but a move to the country doesn't mean neighbors simply vanish! You'll probably find other things to annoy you like the lovely scent of a freshly fertilized field, livestock roaming through your flower garden, and machinery noises. These, of course, are no more serious than typical issues in the city, but the point is that you should remain realistic: A move to the country likely will be more idyllic, peaceful and remote. But, don't expect it to be a perfect hermitage! Roadway Maintenance and Travel That long winding road to your property seems so nice; that is, until you realize the maintenance costs and work you'll be expected to provide. Snow plowing in winter, pothole filling, and other maintenance issues may be all up to you. There is the possibility that you'll share responsibility with an adjacent landowner, a scenario that can be both helpful and painful – dependent on whether the other property owner is diligent about repairs and paying bills, etc. Unless you outsource all maintenance work, you'll probably need to buy some equipment to manage the roadway. And, plan to upgrade your personal vehicles with snow tires, chains, new shock absorbers, and similar items. Water and Power When you buy rural land for sale and use it for a residence, you probably won't be treated to the luxury of city water. That means reliance on a well and dollars spent on water treatment and softening. Even before you buy land in the country, you'll want to test the water for contaminants and then continue that regular testing. Also, make sure the septic system can handle the number of people that will be occupying or using the property. Of course, you'll incur more costs if you need to expand the sewage and waste water capacity. Let's face it: No one wants to deal with a broken or overwhelmed septic system! Rural areas are often going to be among the last to have power restored when a storm or other calamity downs lines or the power grid. As a backup, you'll want to have generators for power, and a constant supply of firewood (or other combustible source) for heating and cooking. Scouting around for rural property for sale here on is an awesome way to find that perfect spot in the country to enjoy. If you're new to country living, we're sure you'll love it. Just make sure that you're well-prepared and able to plan appropriately for budget items and other issues that may have an impact on your expectations.

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