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How To Find Land To Buy In Colorado

how to find land to buy in colorado

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Published date:

July 13, 2021

Last updated date:

July 13, 2021

By Manny Manriquez

Choosing the right state to live in is a lot harder than most people realize. If you are looking for a state that offers beautiful scenery and top-notch amenities, then you need to consider moving to Colorado. Currently, over 5.6 million people call the state of Colorado home. If you feel like Colorado is the right place for you and your family, you need to consider where you will live. Rather than settling for an existing home, you should consider building a home from scratch. The first thing you will need to start the home-building process is the right piece of land. You might be surprised to learn just how many pieces of land are currently for sale in Colorado. Instead of rushing through the process of choosing and purchasing a plot of land, you need to take your time. Below are some tips on how to find the right piece of land to buy in Colorado.

Start By Selecting an Experienced Real Estate Agent

One of the main mistakes consumers make when trying to find and purchase land is ignoring the need for professional help. If you are new to a particular part of Colorado, you will struggle to find pieces of land for sale. Instead of putting an untold number of miles on your vehicle, you need to work with a real estate agent to find pieces of land for sale. Not only will these professionals be able to help you find land for sale, they will also have the inside track on homes for sale in West Colorado Springs. Once a real estate agent has an idea of the type of land you are looking for, they can start the process of narrowing down the list of parcels for sale in the area. Having an experienced real estate agent by your side will make the process of finding and buying the right piece of land much easier.

Don’t Forget to Consider Land Features

Once you have a short list of pieces of land for sale in a particular area, you will need to start inspecting each one. Attempting to buy a piece of land sight unseen is a mistake that can come back to haunt you. As you start to tour a piece of land, you need to consider the features it has. When assessing these features, you need to ask yourself questions like:
  • Does the piece of land in question have environmental issues?
  • How many trees are currently on the property?
  • Is too much sand present?
  • Is solid rock present on the site you want to build your home?
Getting the answers to these important questions can help you figure out if the land features in place meet your needs. Overlooking certain land feature issues can make the process of building a home very difficult.

Consider Land Accessibility

If you plan to build a home on the piece of land you buy, then you have to consider how accessible it is. Land that has to be accessed with the help of four-wheel-drive trucks can be difficult to build on. If you do buy a piece of land that is not easily accessible, you will have to construct a road before you can start the home-building process. You also need to consider how a particular piece of land is zoned. Even pieces of land out in the middle of nowhere in the state of Colorado can belong to a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Generally speaking, land that belongs to an HOA will have a number of strict rules attached to them. This is why you need to find out more about zoning and the rules that an HOA has before you decide to buy a particular piece of land.

Verify Property Boundaries

When meeting with the owner of a particular piece of land, you need to find out a few basic pieces of information. Most land listings will provide details regarding how big the parcel in question is. However, you will have to find out about the property boundaries from the existing owner. The average land owner will have a survey conducted of their parcel. This survey will clearly document the boundaries of the parcel. If you are using a mortgage company to fund your land purchase, then they will probably insist on a survey being conducted. When looking at a land survey, take notice of any easement rights that are in place. Most property easements will allow you to use the area in question, usually a road, but will prohibit you from building on them. The more you know about land parcel boundaries, the easier it will be to decide whether the property in question is worth the money.

Assess Water Source Availability

Many of the land parcels you will find for sale in the state of Colorado will be located in very secluded areas. While living in the middle of nowhere might sound appealing, it can be very challenging. If you are looking at a secluded piece of land, you need to consider where your water source is. When buying a piece of land in an existing community, you will usually have to pay a tap fee for the cost of installing meters and water pipes. If the piece of land you are looking at is located in a rural area, you might have well water. Allowing professionals to inspect the condition of this well is crucial before making an offer. With some professional help, you can get a true assessment of how long the well water connection in place will last.

The Availability of Electricity

You also need to consider whether or not a particular piece of land has access to electricity. Getting new poles and power lines installed can be extremely expensive. This is why you need to opt for a land parcel that already has these items in place. Clearly, there are a number of factors you need to consider before buying a piece of land. By using the information in this article, you can find a quality land parcel in Colorado to purchase.

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