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How to Move a Mobile Home Onto Your Property

how to move a mobile home onto your property

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Published date:

May 28, 2023

Last updated date:

December 05, 2023

By Laure Mueller

A mobile home (also called a manufactured home) can be a great short- or long-term solution for bringing a structure onto your property. But while there are certainly fewer costs and complications than constructing a standard site-built structure, there are still a number of things to keep in mind when moving a mobile home onto your land – including laws, permits, and the logistics of setting up utilities. 

Whether you’re buying a new mobile home or transferring an existing mobile home from one piece of land to another, here are the steps you’ll want to take for a seamless move.  

1. Research Local Zoning Laws and Restrictions

Depending on where your property is located, you may face restrictions regarding where and whether your mobile home can be placed, as well as certain building codes you’ll have to adhere to. 

Contact your local building commissioner to find out what legal requirements there are surrounding bringing a mobile home onto your land. You should also ask about any taxes that may be due in advance of the move, since these could impact your ability to get a permit. 

2. Acquire Your Moving Permit

Follow your jurisdiction’s requirements for obtaining a mobile home moving permit. In most cases, this simply requires that you produce a valid title certificate to your county treasurer’s office. Some jurisdictions will also accept a copy of an application for certification of title made to your state’s department of motor vehicles. 

3. Hire Experienced Movers

Not all moving companies have the skills and experience needed to move a mobile home. Make sure that the movers you hire are licensed and insured in your state, and that they have proven experience moving mobile homes, including disconnecting and reconnecting mobile home utilities. A good moving company will be sure to verify that you have acquired a permit, and will walk you through any additional logistics needed to get your mobile home from point A to point B. 

4. Prep the Structure

If your mobile home is currently in use on another piece of land, you’ll need to take a few key steps to get it ready to travel. This includes notifying utility providers of your impending move, packing your belongings, and securing any fixtures that may shift during transport. You’ll need to have the skirting removed too prior to moving, but that’s something that your moving company will likely take care of for you. 

Final Thoughts

Placing a manufactured home on land that you own – rather than leasing that land from a mobile park developer – is a great way to get more privacy and better manage your living costs. And if you’re buying both at the same time, you might also qualify for a joint land/home loan, which is a convenient financing option that only requires a single set of closing costs. 

To get the most value out of placing a mobile home on your land, be sure to have the structure permanently affixed. This may require extra expenses up front (especially if you need to bring utility lines in), but will make a big difference in the total value of your property.

Looking for the right piece of land for your manufactured home? Check out land listings in your state and start your search today! 

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