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How to Stage Land for Sale (and Why You Should)

how to stage land for sale (and why you should)

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Published date:

March 07, 2023

Last updated date:

March 07, 2023

By Manny Manriquez

Staging is a common practice in real estate sales, but most people are only familiar with it in reference to homes and commercial properties. Staging land is just as essential though, and can possibly help you sell your property quicker and for more money.

Whether your property is vacant and overgrown or bursting with natural beauty, here’s why staging is essential, plus some smart tips for making it happen.

Why Staging Land is a Must

The term “staging” refers to a process of preparing property to sell by making it look as appealing as possible to buyers. It’s also about setting the scene so that interested buyers can see the full potential of what they’re looking at.

By putting in some time, money, and effort to stage your land ahead of listing it, you can make it a whole lot easier for buyers to imagine themselves as the new owner of the property. You can also help your listing stand out in a market where a lot of sellers aren’t going the extra mile for that stellar sale.

Fortunately, unlike with staging a house, staging land for sale is a lot more about clean-up and maintenance than paint colors and furniture choices. As such, it doesn’t usually require quite as big of an investment, especially if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and take on the job yourself.

How to Stage Land

To effectively stage your property for a sale, you have to look at it through the eyes of potential buyers. From there, it’s just a matter of highlighting the key features you want buyers to notice – and detracting from the ones you don’t.

So, where should you start? Here are three things you should definitely do when staging land for sale.

1. Clear Up Access Points

Make sure that any and all roads leading into your property offer easy access for showings. This may just require clearing up brush and overgrown plants, or it may require more extensive repair work on the road itself. In either case, it’s worth it to create a smooth first impression for buyers that come see the property in person.

2. Do Some Landscaping

You probably don’t need to do any fresh planting on land that you’re intending to sell, but you should go through and landscape what’s already there. Getting rid of too-tall grass, dead trees, and other eyesores gives buyers more of a chance to see the benefits of the land without thinking about all the work they’ll need to do to it first.

3. Take Care of Clutter

Storing clunky machinery on your land? Have a shed that’s filled to the brim with odds and ends? Whatever doesn’t need to be on your land should be cleared out prior to taking listing photos so that the entire property looks as close to what’s actually for sale as possible.

In addition to staging, the pre-sale period is also a good time to make any necessary improvements on your property, such as adding in utility lines and fencing. The more attractive and functional your land is, the more interest it’s likely to garner – and the more you’re likely to make on the sale.


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