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Importance of Communication with your Buyers

importance of communication with your buyers

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Published date:

April 22, 2014

Last updated date:

April 22, 2014

By Manny Manriquez

Importance of Communication with your Buyers When you are selling land, there is a lot of information that will need to be given to your buyers. They will need to know about the land itself, the acreage, buildings and more. Only by providing the right information at the right time is it possible for you to maintain a good relationship with those who are supposed to be buying from you. While in many forms of business, good communication is about repeat sales, in selling land, it is about completing just one sale, but assuring it goes through without any problems. Stopping Problems before They Start One of the issues with poor communication in a sales environment, according to Management Study Guide, is that only by communicating properly will your buyer understand. Put more simply, if you do not tell your buyer everything, they may find out something that is unappealing to them later and decide not to buy. The last thing you want is for the buyer to decide at the last minute that the property is not for them simply because you did not communicate properly. It will be a waste of your time and a waste of the buyer’s time. Be very careful when talking to the buyer not to oversell or to make any promises you are not actually prepared to keep. If you are selling land and do not have the intention of making any renovations or developments to the property, make that clear when talking with the buyer. You may not make the sale with that particular buyer, but you will also not have to worry about following through on something that you do not want to do. Communication Builds Interest The more you are talking with the buyer, the more chances you have to build interest in the property. You can point out certain things you know about the property that they may have missed, or were not included, in the original information they read about the property. Make sure to tell the buyer all about the different tests that you have done to the soil or information you know from the local government about zoning or anything else. If you are able to provide them with useful information that will save the buyer time and hassle, they will be more willing to buy the property. You will also have the opportunity to find out why the buyer is interested in buying the property. This will allow you to show off some of the benefits they will receive when using the property for their intended purpose. On the other hand, if the property is going to be a bad decision, you might want to be frank and honest with the buyer. After all, there is the possibility that they will find out eventually and will pull out of the deal after you are invested into it. Maintain Commitment to Buy There are many problems that can arise along the way that you can help to smooth over if you know about them. Only by maintaining communication with the buyer is it possible for you to know what these problems are whenever they arise. Make sure to let the buyer know that if they should need anything to let you know, and make yourself available when they take you up on it. If you are not receiving any communication from the buyer, it may be a sign that they are not interested anymore. Take the initiative and check in periodically to see if they need anything. This will help to maintain their commitment and allow you to know if they have changed their mind.

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