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Is a Barndominium right for you?

is a barndominium right for you?

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Published date:

August 22, 2016

Last updated date:

August 30, 2023

By Landhub

by Mark Bingaman Maybe you have an old barn on your property that's just sitting there taking up space, filled with junk or even animals that you could move elsewhere. Or perhaps you'd like to buy a rural piece of land for sale, you know, something with charm, accentuated by a gorgeous, old barn with loads of character. Either way, a piece of farm or country land, with a barn, could be a gold mine with just a little bit of repurposing. They are called barndominiums - a combination of the words condominium and barn - and are sprouting up across the United States and the globe, while providing a new opportunity for housing on rural land. If you own a great piece of farm land with a beautiful old barn but need a way to add some residential living space to your property, renovating a barn could definitely be the way to go. Whether it's for your children, a man-cave, mother-in-law cottage, or a guesthouse for visitors, stripping down an old barn and turning it into sweet living quarters is an absolutely stellar way to add value to your property. That structure full of character could also be turned into a source of income as a bed and breakfast, rented out as a weekend Cottage, or even leased as a condominium or apartment on a long-term basis. If you'd like to sell your farm land, rural property, or ranch for sale and have been unable to find any takers, perhaps renovating the barn as housing and marketing it as such would engender new interest from those seeking farmland or rural property for sale. On the other side of the coin, those who are searching for acreage for sale, lots for sale, and country homes right here on land can find many properties blessed with quaint old barns. Have you considered buying a piece of land with a barn and renovating it into a barndominium for any of the purposes mentioned above? As investment properties for sale go, this is a pretty unique idea with intriguing possibilities. Search land for sale here on, find a piece of property with a barn, purchase it at a great price, and renovate the barn for yourself. It could make a fantastic weekend retreat for you or a bed and breakfast or additional income property that you could rent to others to help pay your mortgage. Anyone seeking a property to retire on can renovate the barn for their own housing or to supplement their own income during their retirement years. Also referred to as “barn homes” or “barn living quarters,” new barndominiums constructed today are typically made of metal. However, it's common for older barns constructed of wood to also be utilized in this fashion. In addition to the rustic charm of bare beams and wide-open spaces and design layouts, barndominium fans also appreciate cool features like huge doors that open into the home and the ability to store large objects in the space! Resources: 100 Ideas About Barndominiums on Pinterest


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