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Is That Cabin in the Woods Going to Be Part of Your Golden Years?

is that cabin in the woods going to be part of your golden years?

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Published date:

October 26, 2017

Last updated date:

May 26, 2024

By Bella Scotton

Cabins in the woods at one time used to be what one considered as a fishing or hunting retreat or maybe just as a holiday get away. These have revolved over the years to become much more than that. In fact, many would say that the new trend of tiny home living was born from the cabin in the woods concept. Then add this to the new lifestyle is living off the grid, and it definitely takes you back to the roots of cabin living. More importantly, this is no longer just an option for temporary living but is becoming a way of life for many seniors on a year round permanent basis. Also, it's not just restricted to those in their older years either. Many young families are considering cabin living with the intention of not only raising their families here but using this living space for their golden years.

Some Great Cabin Living Examples:

Children Adapt to Cabin Living Too

One couple that had adopted to cabin living quite nicely was totally surprised at the impact this type of living could have on their youngster. This high energy youngster who may be one that you would think would be quite bored with cabin living happened to find the cabin community to be even more exciting than his routine lifestyle.

Young Family Starts With Cabin Living Early

What started off as a childhood cabin living memory, led a couple to changing their lifestyle to cabin living on a full time basis. Not only that, even though they had the option of electricity they chose to live off the grid. Starting in their early years like this certainly sets the lifestyle for their golden years.

Turning a Dream into Reality With Cabin Living

One individual took his dream of cabin living and turned it into a reality. Using recycled materials to build his cabin gave him even greater satisfaction. Everything that he had dreamed about cabin living became part of his lifestyle, and was an amazing decision with no regrets.

The Benefits of Cabin Living

The Savings:

Once individuals enter into their senior years there are many things about their lifestyle that needs to change. One of these is being more frugal with their money. Cabin living can certainly help with this right from the get go. This means starting with the purchase of the property and the cabin, which there are several options.

  • Buy property with an established cabin already on it: There are plenty of properties for sale with cabins already on them. They may not all be move in ready but with the low prices that these come at, doing the renovations as necessary should be affordable.
  • Buy property and then a cabin kit: There are options for buying cabin kits that can be erected quite quickly on a piece of property that you already own or want to buy. These kits vary in prices according to size and style.
  • Build From Scratch: There are opportunities to buy all the components that you need separately for your cabin building. This takes more work compared to the cabin kits, but gives you more choices in your planning and construction.

The Simple Lifestyle

Cabin living automatically gives you a change in lifestyle as it becomes more simplified:

Food Costs and Preparation:

Cabin living encourages people to grow more of those own fruit and veggies, and even their livestock. With these foods being so fresh it usually takes less preparation for the dishes they will be used in and less preservatives. All in all, a much healthier lifestyle when it comes to nutrition.


Increased exercise almost becomes automatic with cabin living. There are normally more chores to be done like the gardening, cutting wood, and even enjoying nature because it so untouched in these areas.

Less Stress:

Living a more secluded lifestyle means less stress that usually comes with the average lifestyle living. When you look at all of these benefits one could easily say that they have all the makings for not only making those golden years great but could even make them longer.

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