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Is There Such a Thing as A Multi Money Making Property

is there such a thing as a multi money making property

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Published date:

March 30, 2018

Last updated date:

March 30, 2018

By Manny Manriquez

Quite often when individuals are looking for investment property they want one that is going to generate some profits. They have a lot of expectations that they may put upon the ideal property. Quite often though, they limit the way they are thinking. The focus gets put on just one concept that may be feasible for the land to make money. Why not think beyond that and become creative? Looking at a property and seeing all of its potential can set one up with a piece of property that has the possibility of providing multiple levels of income.
How about a Farm?
There is no question that a farm can be turned into a money maker in a variety of different ways. It can be kept to a small operation that is strictly family run. Or it can be turned into different venues breaking the farm into different specialty areas. For example, a portion of the farm can be used for the raising of poultry. Another section can be used for bee-keeping. Then a third section could be kept for the raising of small organic vegetables. As the saying goes, this type of farm owner is not "putting all their eggs in one basket".
How About Pecan Growing?
It doesn't take a lot of land to start a pecan growing business. These are grown in orchards or groves. It can take a little while to get them growing. But once they start producing they can produce a great side income if one wants to keep it on a manageable level.
How About a Restaurant?
If one has some farm property who is to say that a portion of it can't be used for a small family restaurant. It surely will become a big hit. How much fresher could the food being served get? Growing the produce on the land then bringing it from ground to table is something that surely no one can resist.
Does Such a Property Exist?
Just to do a recap of the potential businesses talked about it consists of....
  • Poultry production
  • Fresh egg business
  • Organic veggies
  • Pecan production
  • Bee-keeping
  • Restaurant
The Perfect Property One may think that a property that can open up opportunities for all of this just does not exist. However, this is not true. In fact, there is such a property waiting for the right enthusiastic owner. There is a 26 acre farm located right in the prime farming area of Glenville Georgia. Not only does it have all these exceptional income producing capabilities, the size of the property makes it totally manageable by an average sized family. It already has a pecan orchard. Plus, it once operated a restaurant on the grounds. Then added to this it has a wonderful home situated on it that is move in ready. This is the type of property that everyone dreams about. It has something for everyone in the family. Then on top of this it offers the security of being a very significant money maker. This is just one of many such properties that can turn one's dreams into a reality. It is all about being open minded when it comes to property buying. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:

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