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Retiring Soon? Here Are 9 Affordable U.S. Cities to Consider

retiring soon? here are 9 affordable u.s. cities to consider

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Published date:

November 03, 2023

Last updated date:

November 03, 2023

By Landhub

There are a lot of considerations when choosing the best place to retire. And one of the biggest is just how far you’ll be able to stretch your retirement savings once you get there. 

Fortunately, has done the homework of assessing the most affordable cities to retire in, comparing median home prices with things like recreation opportunities, community amenities, and access to reliable health care facilities. 

The nine locations they came up with all have median home listing prices below the national median of $435,450. They also boast senior-friendly features that make them an attractive choice if you’re trying to make the most of your nest egg. 

So what are the picks? Here’s a quick look at the nine cities offering budget-friendly retirement and the biggest bang for your buck in 2023. 

1. Bermuda Run, North Carolina

Median home listing price: $179,000

What it offers: Affordable condos abound in this community-driven small town, as do recreational activities like pickleball and golf. And as a nice bonus, North Carolina doesn’t tax social security benefits. 

2. Sun City, Arizona

Median home listing price: $309,000

What if offers: Plenty of sun, of course, plus a 55+ community nestled in a scenic desert environment. There’s also easy access to nearby Phoenix if you ever need to ditch your golf cart and drive into the city. 

3. Sun City Center, Florida

Median home listing price: $341,090

What it offers: Located 27 miles north of Tampa, Sun City Center is a 55+ community where one-bedroom condos start at just $110,000. You’re less than 30 minutes from world-class health centers, and less than 10 minutes from the nearest white sand beach. 

4. Green Valley, Arizona

Median home listing price: $347,500

What it offers: This retirement community, nestled in the Sonoran Desert, provides all the social and recreational amenities you expect in your later ages. Check out nearby natural wonders like the Madera Canyon, and get to Tucson in a mere 30 minutes if needed. 

5. Manchester, New Jersey

Median home listing price: $350,000

What it offers: This cozy mid-sized New Jersey town is situated just 50 miles east of Philadelphia and provides a high-quality of life to the older set, with affordable home listings and a good balance between coastal charm and suburban comfort. 

6. King City, Oregon

Median home listing price: $385,000

What it offers: Nature loving retirees may want to head to King City, the Pacific Northwest’s premier choice for exceptional aging. Perks include community gardens, a standout golf course, and the nearby Cooper Mountain Nature Park. 

7. South Pasadena, Florida

Median home listing price: $395,000

What it offers: Back in Florida, you’ll find South Pasadena, a popular beach town adjacent to St. Petersburg. If you’re a fan of wineries, beach days, and farmer’s markets, you’ll have no trouble feeling right at home. 

8. Laguna Woods, California

Median home listing price: $405,000

What it offers: This seniors-only community boasts affordable housing in the otherwise exorbitantly priced Southern California real estate market, as well as a focus on active living and social connectivity.  

9. The Villages, Florida

Median home listing price: $425,000

What it offers: Exclusive senior living, car-free transportation, and more than 50 golf courses – need we say more?

Check out’s list to learn more about these communities and what makes them a great choice for retirees!


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