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Summer Garden Guide - What to Plant in June, July, and August

summer garden guide - what to plant in june, july, and august

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Published date:

May 31, 2024

Last updated date:

June 06, 2024

By Ana Mendoza

Planting a garden on your land during the summer months of June, July, and August offers a great opportunity to enjoy fresh produce and vibrant flowers. Despite the heat, many plants thrive in the summer sun, and with proper care, you can maintain a lush and productive garden. Here’s a guide to what you can plant during these months to ensure a beautiful and bountiful garden.

   June Planting Guide


1.  Tomatoes: These summer staples love the heat. Plant transplants early in June for a continuous harvest.

2.  Peppers: Both sweet and hot peppers thrive in warm weather. They need regular watering and require full sun.

3.  Cucumbers: Ideal for salads and pickling, cucumbers grow quickly and can be harvested within a couple of months.

4.  Squash and Zucchini: Fast-growing and prolific, these plants do well in early summer.

5.  Beans: Both bush and pole beans can be planted now. They are fast growers and excellent nitrogen fixers for your soil.


1.  Basil: A quintessential summer herb, basil loves the sun and can be harvested continuously.

2.  Cilantro: While it prefers cooler weather, you can still plant cilantro in June with some shade to extend its growing season.

3.  Thyme and Oregano: These Mediterranean herbs thrive in hot, dry conditions.


1.  Marigolds: These vibrant flowers add color and deter pests.

2.  Zinnias: Heat-loving and colorful zinnias are perfect for summer gardens.

3.  Sunflowers: These cheerful flowers grow tall and strong, adding height and brightness to any garden.

   July Planting Guide


1.  Carrots: Sow seeds directly in the ground for a fall harvest.

2.  Beets: Another root vegetable that can be planted in July for a late summer or early fall harvest.

3.  Radishes: These fast growers can be ready to harvest in as little as 30 days.

4.  Kale: A hardy green that can withstand summer heat and will continue producing in the cooler months.


1.  Dill: Plant dill seeds directly in the garden for fresh flavor in salads and pickles.

2.  Chives: These are easy to grow and add a mild onion flavor to dishes.


1.  Black-Eyed Susans: These perennials are drought-tolerant and bloom throughout the summer.

2.  Cosmos: Another heat-loving flower, cosmos are easy to grow and attract pollinators.

 August Planting Guide


1.  Lettuce: Start seeds in the shade for tender leaves that will mature as the weather cools.

2.  Spinach: Plant in late August for a fall harvest. This cool-weather green can handle early frosts.

3.  Broccoli and Cauliflower: Plant transplants for a fall harvest. They prefer cooler temperatures and will mature in the cooler months.

4.  Turnips: Sow seeds directly in the ground for a fall crop.


1.  Parsley: This biennial herb can be planted in August and will thrive in mild climates in fall and winter.

2.  Sage: Planting in late summer ensures it gets established before cooler weather.


1.  Pansies: These cool-weather flowers can be planted in August for fall blooms.

2.  Snapdragons: Another cool-weather flower that will bloom into the fall and sometimes into early winter in milder climates.

   Tips for Successful Summer Gardening

1.  Watering: Consistent watering is crucial, especially in summer heat. Water your garden in the early morning hours to minimize evaporation.

2.  Mulching: Use mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and cool the soil.

3.  Shade: For delicate plants, consider using shade cloth to protect them from the intense midday sun.

4.  Pest Control: Look for pests and treat them early with organic or chemical solutions, as needed.

You can enjoy a productive and beautiful garden throughout the summer months by selecting the right plants and giving them proper care. Happy gardening!


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